Back to School Photo Name Labels

The girls and I had so much fun putting together these photo name labels, and they are perfect for labeling names on folders, notebooks, and other school supplies!

I drew an outline of each letter of their names on a sheet of construction paper for the girls to color. For Clara, this was great letter identification practice!

Emily practiced coloring within the lines of the letters I had drawn. She did a great job!

Next, Emily and I cut out the letters! Can you tell that she loves to use scissors??

While we were doing that, Clara played with the letters as we cut them out, and made them talk to each other! We practiced saying the different sounds each letter of her name makes. She loved it!!

Then, it was time for a super FUN photo shoot!! We used colorful backgrounds, and funny poses! The girls LOVED this!!!

So much fun!! From left to right: We went to our school room for the red background, the girls’ bed room for orange, some yellow wrapping paper from the dollar store for yellow, grass from the backyard for green, and our bedroom for blue.

Print out the images so each is about 1 inch square, and stick onto folders and notebooks using clear packaging tape over top! We’ll be using these as door signs for their room too!!

Have fun!!!!

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  1. Dear Valerie,

    Please let Clara know that, while C is for cookie, C is not a cookie!


  2. So cute! I’ve done this for gifts before, but never thought of using it for labels. You have a very colorful house! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Christianne! The downstairs is much more subdued, but upstairs the rooms are quite bright and colorful. It’s kind of a nice surprise! πŸ™‚

  3. Very cute. So great to see your girls – happy as ever! I agree, what a colorful house you have. I esp. love the orange in the girls bedroom.

    • Hi Mama King!! Emily picked out the color orange for her room years ago, and both of the girls really love it. It such an un-expected color for the girl’s room, but it’s so much fun!

  4. Great idea! I love your use of color in your house.

  5. This is super cute. I’m so going to steal the idea.

  6. Adorable!! Love the different parts of their personalities coming through in each photo!

  7. Such an adorable idea! Thanks for another fun suggestion.

  8. So cute! Yet another of your blog posts gets a star in my google reader. πŸ™‚

  9. as always a lovely fun and bright idea! My 2 would love to have ago at this!!!!
    Pip xx

  10. You could totally do his for other words too like family or something

    • Great idea!!! I think it would be fun to have both girls spell out “thank you” and make up some notecards…. Now you’ve given me all sorts of ideas! LOL

  11. What a great idea! So cute!!

  12. Our kitchen, in our old house, used to be just that color yellow πŸ™‚ Love the idea for labels – it’s very unique.

  13. But, Valerie, where is YOURS??? :0)

    • Oh, I SO need to make one of these, don’t I????? I’m adding it to my to-do list. Can’t let the girls have ALL the fun, right?

  14. Super cute!

  15. Salaam. Wow that is such a cute idea! Love it!

  16. Super cute and they look like they are having a blast (as always).

  17. I love all the colors, wow!

  18. As always, this is another fabulous idea! Can’t wait for Grace to be old enough to do crafts with me! How old were your girls when you started them with crafting?

    • Great question… Emily started painting and coloring at 18 months, but I think that’s because she would watch me paint all the time. Clara was either 18 or 19 months old. She really wants to keep up with her big sister! We started with very simple free-form projects that were super-quick to do.

  19. I LOVE this – super cute! I’d probably have to Photoshop some fun colored backgrounds though since the only room that’s really brightly colored is the boys’ teal blue bedroom. This suddenlty gives me a strong urge to re-paint everything in our house – our old house was full of bright color! πŸ™‚

    • I love that your boys have a teal blue room — that is awesome! Our bedroom color is called “secure blue”, but I think that’s really another name for “smurf blue”. It’s VERY blue!!!

      I can’t say we’re afraid of color in this house. LOL

  20. awww so cute and definitely fun

  21. What a cute idea and how cute would those pictures be in their bedroom on the wall with their name!

  22. Oh my I LOVE this! What a super fun way to do school photos and document the first of the year!

    I’m going to go find my construction paper as soon as I send this note πŸ™‚ When we’re done with this I’ll put them on their journals or their ‘about me’ books.

    Thanks a ton for the great idea and tutorial!
    Debi (found ya during a google image search)

    • Fantastic!!! We do lots of photo projects, and this one was a big hit with both of my girls. Love that you’ll use these for journals — great idea!!

      Welcome to FFFB, Debi!! xoxo

  23. Love this! It’s such a fun, creative and unique idea. Can’t wait to do this with my kids.

  24. looks like fun & the pictures are wonderful! i will definitely be trying this one soon!

  25. i love your idea! i was just about to go get labels from stores but now i’m going to make these with my son too! love it love it! thanks so much for sharing.

  26. I LOVE this idea!

  27. This is such a cute idea! I love that you are going to use them as door signs. So fun!

  28. What a great idea. I love this. you could actually make magnets out of these pictures. The ideas just keep coming. The pictures are beautiful! Found you through Impress YOur Kids

  29. What a great, and super creative, idea!

  30. Hi, okay my brain is on overload right now because I started teaching pre-k and I am using a lot of your ideas now. We are doing the 3-D art on Friday!!!

    So can you help me out? How do you make your photos into 1″ squares?? Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!

  31. I used your idea for a Father’s Day craft for my husband. Then I blogged about it with a link to your website. Thanks for the great idea!


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