Sunday Snapshot — She’s Six!!!

Sunday Snapshot — Hurray for Naps!

Sunday Snapshot — Little Eskimo

Cheap Thrills — Tea Time Edition

For a fun time, take photos of your child (or yourself) jumping around. Print out the photos, cut them out, and attach to the end of the string of a tea bag. They make fabulous tea tags!! Lucky for us, we have plenty of aforementioned photos, since Emily is constantly in motion! In mind were […]

A Quick Update

We wanted to pop in here to thank you for all of your caring and supportive comments. Your powerful thoughts and prayers are working! My father is home now and is recovering remarkably well from surgery. Much of the girls’ artwork was proudly displayed in his hospital room, and we printed out all of the […]

Who Needs Toys….

Who needs toys…. … when you can have Mommy’s purse? Seriously, what is with her obsession with my forbidden purse of mystery? [Note — I love how she dug through all of that just to get to the coveted lip gloss.]

Sunday Snapshot — Frugal Entertainment

Mark and Emily were outside raking leaves, while I was inside taking care of some laundry. A few minutes after they left to start raking, I heard Clara struggling with something… … it was like a grunting sort of noise. Was she trying to lift something heavy? I went to investigate… …and I found this! […]

The Halloween Deal

Between Clara’s Little Red Riding Hood, and Emily’s Link from Zelda, we’re kickin’ it old school in our household this Halloween. Mark made the shield from cardboard, and I sewed the tunic, hat, and sheath for the sword ($5.00 fabric from JoAnn). The sword was a Target find ($5). Emily and I worked out a […]

Sunday Snapshot — Princess Hair

Instructions for this awesome ‘do found here!

Creative Rainy Day Fun

We are forecasted to have at least four days of non-stop rain here, and the girls were getting a touch of cabin fever. We did what any normal parents would do when faced with a similar situation…. placed both of them in our sound-proof anti-gravity chamber with padded walls and let them burn off some […]

Cheap Thrills — Cardboard Box Edition

For a fun time, place a preschooler inside a large cardboard box. On the box, draw eyes, a nose, and mouth. It helps if it looks angry. Pretend to eat things!! Nom nom nom! Pajamas were just the beginning…. this box was hungry! (Burp!) On to The New Yorker….. Oh no…. he can’t be stopped! […]

Vacation Sneak Peek

…And we’re back! As many of you guessed, we went away on vacation last week. It was fabulous (and frugal, of course). Right now I’m busy preparing for tomorrow’s 10! show, so here are some quick highlights from our trip to beautiful Montebello, Virginia with further details to follow soon.  Thank you for all the […]

Top 7 Things About Being Frugal

The parsley grows on our windowsill. A few days ago, I realized how spending less money has made our family wealthy in many other important ways.  Here are some of the things I love the most about being frugal: More Time With Family & Friends  — Since we are spending much less time shopping, we […]

Free Photo Book

In case you missed Oprah today, Snapfish is giving away a free 8 x 11 custom cover photo book to help viewers organize their kids’ craft projects.  Click here for more information. From the show: Overwhelmed by what to do with growing piles of your child’s art projects? Peter has a great solution! “Take digital […]