The Halloween Deal

Between Clara’s Little Red Riding Hood, and Emily’s Link from Zelda, we’re kickin’ it old school in our household this Halloween.

Mark made the shield from cardboard, and I sewed the tunic, hat, and sheath for the sword ($5.00 fabric from JoAnn). The sword was a Target find ($5).

Emily and I worked out a deal. She gets the M&M’s. I get the Reese’s. Nobody gets hurt.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Halloween.


  1. I love Emily's outfit! The deal would run the other way around in our house =)

  2. So cute! Great job with the costumes.

    All three of my kids are sick with fevers and we had to stay home today. They did trick or treat in each room of our house though. My husband even dressed in different outfits and costumes to make each room different. We made the best of it.

    We made the marshmallow pumpkins today – big hit, especially with my husband who happens to be a big fan of Peeps.

  3. Great costumes! I would take the reeses too, lol!

  4. You did an amazing job with the costumes. I love the deal you worked out. I got the Almond Joys, Hubby will probably sneak some Reeses, and the kids will try to gobble it all up before I think they should.

    Hope you all had a fun Halloween.

  5. @Christy

    There was some convention in the parking lot at work one day, and the peepmobile was there. One of my coworkers went over to ask if they had any Peeps, and they DID NOT.

    They actually stopped by (weeks) later to deliver her a free case of Peeps. That's 24 boxes, 12 to a box. Most of the people in the office do not care for peeps, even though they are hatched just miles away! I only had a few. *burp* A few boxes.

  6. Too cute!

  7. I love the deal you guys made. You're better than me 'cause I probably would have just swiped it when she wasn't looking! 🙂 Cute costume.

  8. I think you're my new favorite blog! We had a Red Riding Hood too (I think I paid $3.45 a yard plus $.99 for the pattern but I made it big so she can wear it again in High School or for dress up) – but Link is just priceless.

  9. I love Emily's costume as well. You did a great job with both costumes! Hope the girls had a wonderful Halloween 🙂

  10. @ Christy — Oh, dear, I am so sorry to hear that, but I love how you guys made the best of it. How creative! And I'm especially happy to hear you made marshmallow pumpkins!! I do hope the kids feel better soon, and that you stay healthy too.

    @ Petula — You won't believe the willpower I exhibit not to swipe that candy. Man, did she get some great candy this year! We have very generous neighbors!

  11. @ Emily — Welcome! So great to see you here, and I think it's so great that you had a Little Red Riding Hood too. You know what they say about great minds… 😉

    @ Jessica — Thanks so much! The girls had a great time, and Emily's already plotting what she wants to dress up as for next year's Halloween. Of course, it will probably change every day.