Hey there Little Red Riding Hood

I finished sewing Clara’s Halloween costume last night because there’s no sense in waiting until the last minute, right?

Fortunately, this sweet hooded poncho for Little Red Riding Hood took less than 10 minutes to put together. I used 1 yard of costume fabric from JoAnn that was just $2.49/yard. Bargain!

I love that her “basket of goodies” doubles as a treat basket for trick-or-treating! It was a thrift store find for $0.25.
What are your little ones dressing up as?


  1. Dear Valerie,

    It looks like I will have to be the big bad wolf when I get home!


  2. Be ready for lots of candy because Clara is going to clean up this year! She is too cute and you are so talented to make such an adorable costume for less than $3!

  3. That is so cute. My daughter would wear that all the time. My big guy only wants to be Star Wars characters for Halloween. As for my daughter I would have made her costume, but found a Dorothy costume last year for $1.75 (90% off rack). I couldn't pass it up.


  4. @ Holly — Wow, 90% off, I wouldn't be able to pass that up either! Clara was almost going to be Dorothy this year because I spotted red glittery shoes at Target, but in the end decided I probably didn't have enough time for that much sewing. But next year….. I have big plans! (of course I say that every year… *sigh*)

  5. This is adorable!

    My kids are currently un-costumed, although Emma has plenty in her dress-up stash to choose from…

  6. Clara looks adorable! Great job on her costume. Kalyssa is going to be a pumpkin-witch. I made her whole costume for under $6.00. Here is a link if you want to check her costume out:


  7. we made a cute green tutu and found some wings at the dollar store for my 17 month old to be Tinkerbell. Then I made my husband a peter pan outfit and I'm going to be Wendy. I love doing themes. Last year she was a cow and we were farmers. Next year she will be Goldilocks and we will be the three bears (I'm expecting in May), Love the costume!

  8. Adorable! C is going to be Wolverine and R is going to be Dorothy. I am not talented enough to make costumes at this point!

  9. Absolutely adorable!

  10. Val in the Rose Garden says

    Oh wow. She just gets cuter and cuter! I love the hood. Great idea!


  11. Lenetta @ Nettacow says

    Just died of cuteness. Good thing I got the Care Bear costume done first! :>)

  12. Whimsical Creations says

    She is adorable!

  13. So adorable! What a sweet Little Red Riding Hood!

  14. Night Owl Mama says

    u did a amazing job as usual. Love it. she's gonna look to cute.

    And just think it is reusable too. Not just as a costume

  15. Hi Valerie

    Clara's bright personality shines through in these photos. I agree with Denise's comment – Clara is going to clean up this year.

  16. MamaFeelgood says

    A hand me down spider man costume that he has already worn out randomly one day this summer

  17. Stacy of KSW says

    You did such a wonderful job on this! I hope my costumes come out half as nice. If they do, I'll have to thank you for inspiring me to finally knock the dust off my sewing machine and putting it to good use… only 2 days to finish …. just finished the patterns and took a quick blog break 🙂 so glad I did, ready to get started again after seeing this

  18. You did a beautiful job on the costume. She looks adorable.

  19. Valerie,
    I recently stumbled upon your blog and am really enjoying your ideas and photos. Love Little Red Riding Hood! Adorable!!!
    This year, my 20 month old girl was Wilma from the Flinstones. I'm not a super sewer, but I bought a 1/2 yard of thin felt type fabric (so I wouldn't have to finish any edges) for $1.97/yard. The necklace was made out of styrofoam balls and elastic string. (most expensive part – $3.00 at Michaels) I used some of the fabric to make a bone hair accessory.
    The dress tore when I took it off her the first time and had to do some mending, but it made it through the costume parade at the Fall Carnival! 🙂

  20. Stephanie Griffith says

    I think the pigtails are my favourite part! She looks so amazingly cute!

  21. @ Jessica — Kalyssa's costume looks amazing! She is the perfect pumpkin witch! You are so resourceful!

    @ Anne — Awwwww.. I love the theme ideas! Last year Clara was a flower and Emily was the gardener. It was so much fun!

    @ Lenetta — I love how the care bear costume even has the heart on the butt! So cute!!

  22. @ Elise — That is so sweet, thank you!

    @ MamaFeelGood — I'm glad to hear he is getting lots of use of his costume! So many kids wear them once, and that's it… it's a pity, really.

    @ Stacy — Can't wait to see what you come up with this year! Good luck!!

    @ mmwpc — Awwwww… I love the Wilma costume idea! Sounds like it is very do-able too. I bet it is super-cute!

  23. That's the cutest little Red Riding Hood I've ever seen. She sure is growing! How beautiful. My children (the younger three) will be with their father this weekend. I am so glad because I don't participate in Halloween and we didn't when we were together. However, he mentioned that he's gonna take them to the mall "to get some candy." I'm sure they'll have fun. Amber's campus opens up the dorms for the local children so they can trick or treat inside. I think that's great! Have fun. 🙂

  24. Clara is adorable. The basket is going to be filled to overflowing!
    M is going to be Tinkerbelle, E is Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog and L was supposed to be Sonic. He has since changed his mind to be the green power ranger, which is fine as we already had that costume. There was no crafting on my part involved in any way. Only had to find clothes to work with the costumes.

  25. Ack! For some reason, I can't view the photos. But I did want to say that my Little Bird also chose to dress as Little Red Riding Hood this year! However, not having the time to whip up something the way you did, I ended up just forking the moola over for a little pkgd deal. I think you did much better than I did!!!

  26. very cute. My two kids want to be vampires. They already have black clothes in their wardrobe and my mom made them some very cool capes.

  27. My Boaz's Ruth says

    She's gorgeous. What a blessing to sew!

  28. Too cute! Ive got a mobster, Dorothy & a bunny.

  29. The girl who painted trees says

    I love it! Did you use a pattern or tutorial? I totally want to make one for Bear to add to her dress up box.


  30. So cute and since it was so cold here that night that's a perfect costume!

  31. Beautiful!
    Someday my skills will match my creativity. Last year I made DS1 a Max costume from where the wild things are and was pretty proud of it although it was a little wonky…

    Yule (7 years) is a snow princess
    Loch (3 1/2 years) is a fireman
    Asher (10 months) is a hippo =D