Best Art Activities to Reduce Stress

The best art activities to reduce stress can be done almost mindlessly, making them great for even the most novice artists. These activities are some of my all-time favorites for breaking thru creative blocks! It is easy to lose track of time while engaged in coloring, zentangling, paper marbling, and more. Perhaps you will find a new favorite hobby! Why not invite a few good friends to join you for a relaxing and art-filled afternoon?

Best Art Activities for Reducing Stress

Here are some of the best art activities to reduce stress:

Best Art Activities to Reduce Stress


Zentangle is a mediative art form that is easy to learn, and relaxing to create. Best of all, almost anyone can create beautiful images using zentangle techniques! It’s perfect for those who would like to increase their focus and creativity. I love that only a few key materials are needed, and they are small enough that I can bring them along with me for whenever inspiration strikes! Discover the art of zentangle here.

Best Art Activities to Reduce Stress

Suminagashi Paper Marbling

Suminagashi is an ancient Japanese technique for decorating paper with inks. The kids and I first discovered Suminagashi a few years ago during a trip to the art store, and now several years later it has been repeated many many times with much success! It is one of our favorite go-to art projects for reducing stress because it is so open-ended. I love how each print is completely unique! You can learn more about this technique here.

Paint by Number

Paint by Number projects are great for reducing stress! The coded numbers take the work out of having to choose which colors to use, and the designs can be so satisfying to complete. Once done, the completed painting makes great home decor. One of my favorites is the Stress Less Paint-By-Number Flowers Kit (shown above). This kit comes with everything you need to get started including: acrylic paint, paint tray, 3 paint brushes, and 30 different designs on thick cardstock paper to paint. The Stress Less Paint-by-Number kits make great gifts too!

Best Art Activities to Reduce Stress



Coloring books for adults are popping up all over the place, and for good reason! The simple act of coloring can be relaxing and calm many over-schedule busy adults. I highly recommend coloring books, especially if you are looking for ways to relieve stress and take a break from screens! Adult coloring books feature beautiful designs that are sure to inspire. Here are some of my favorite adult coloring books!

More of the Best Art Activities to Reduce Stress:


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