Coloring Books for Adults

Coloring books for adults are popping up all over the place, and for good reason! The simple act of coloring can be relaxing and calm many over-schedule busy adults. For the last few months, these coloring books have been flying out of bookstores, many of them are selling out. I highly recommend these coloring books, especially if you are looking for ways to relieve stress and take a break from screens! These coloring books feature beautiful designs that are sure to inspire. I love that coloring books are super simple, portable, affordable, and my finished colored pages take up almost no space in my home (unless on display in a frame). It’s an ideal hobby!


Here are some of the best coloring books for adults:


1. Just Add Color: Botanicals

Pictured above with this colored pencil set. This is one of my absolute favorites! Beautiful, but simple designs. Wonderful paper quality. Pages are also perforated making them easy to tear out and display (or share with a friend) Love!


2. Nature Mandalas Coloring Book

Pictured above with these scented colored pencils. Rarely do I get to color in this book alone because once I am spotted with this coloring book, my kids settle in to color along with me. We all adore this one!


3. Natural Wonders

Pictured above with these fine tipped pens. A great variety of patterns and designs in this coloring book! Many of the designs from this book have been featured on my Instagram feed. I wish the paper was a just a bit thicker, but it is perfect for colored pencils.

4. Creative Cats

I purchased this as a gift for a good friend, and it took a tremendous amount of willpower to pass it along to her without coloring all of the designs myself! If you are a cat lover and you enjoy coloring, this is the perfect coloring book for you!!!

5. Balance (Angie’s Extreme Stress Menders Volume 1)

Instantly calming. This coloring book has the same relaxing effect as a yoga session for me. Gorgeous and creative designs. This book is 8.5 inches square, and the designs are well-balanced. So lovely!!

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Have fun!!

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  1. I *still* smile when that tablecloth shows up in pics. 🙂

  2. Have you tested any of the books with Promarkers? Amazon reviews suggest most have paper that is too thin to take them…

    • The Botanicals coloring book has the thickest paper out of the ones listed above. For most other books, I would recommend colored pencils. As a workaround for markers, placing a sheet of paper under the page you are currently working on will do the trick!

  3. Superb write-up! You really have a fantastic list of adult coloring books! This is very informative, and specially to those who loves coloring like me. It’s so real, that numerous adults these days are enjoying this kind of activity. I’m currently at the age of 53 and also coloring has been my way of escaping from all my worries, it helps me to stay focus as well as unwind. We all have our very own day-to-day ups and downs events that we can not control. Coloring helps me forget all my issues and problems, i will surely buy one of these books! I have this one book it’s one of my favored adult coloring book as well as it’s fantastic you might want to have one of this adult coloring book too! Everyone has the prospective to be innovative, and being creative can be utilized for numerous points in our daily life.


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