10 Ways to Stay Cool with Water Play

If you find yourself stuck in a heat wave this Summer, it may be a good time to try some water play ideas to stay cool, and keep the kids entertained without the use of batteries or screens! Some tips to keep in mind — Avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day, wear sunscreen, stay in shaded areas, drink plenty of water, and be sure to offer kids lots of drinking water throughout the day as well.

10 Ways to Play with Water

Here are 10 of our favorite ways to play with water!!

10 Ways to Play with Water

1. Sponge Bombs

If you are on water restrictions, or are looking for a mess-free alternative to water balloons that can be used over and over again, try making your own sponge bombs! Here’s a short video tutorial explaining how to make them. Dunk them in water, and use for a bucket toss game for plenty water play fun!

10 Ways to Play with Water

2. Water Pistol Target Range

All you need are some paper cups, and a water pistol or spray bottle!

10 Ways to Play with Water

3.Make your own slip and slide!

10 Ways to Play with Water

4. Break out the sprinklers!

My kids adore this one from Melissa and Doug, and it has withstood the test of time for the last two Summers.

10 Ways to Play with Water

5. Make a Rainbow

Sneak in a quick science lesson about the light refractive properties of water and make your own rainbow with the garden hose and fine mist spray nozzle.

10 Ways to Play with Water

6. Water Beads and Glow Sticks

For older kids, combine water beads and glow sticks for some additional science activities. On a hot day, I like to store the water beads in the refrigerator to chill for a few hours ahead of time.

10 Ways to Play with Water

7. Pretend Laundry Day

One of Emily’s favorite Summertime activities is pretending to do the laundry — a fun water play activity and life-skills lesson all in one!


8. Paint with Ice

If you have some paint-with-water books, try having the kids paint with ice instead!

10 Ways to Play with Water

9.. Design a Mini Water Park

Fill a round sled with water, add your favorite toy boats, and create pools, water slides, and parades in your own miniature world!

10 Ways to Play with Water

10. Potion Lab

A few plastic bottles, water, and a bit of food coloring is all you need for hours of mixing and pouring playing fun!

Have fun and stay cool!!

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  1. Great ideas! My 4-year-old is already getting bored just playing in the pool, so I’m definitely going to keep these suggestions in mind!

  2. Pretend Laundry Day is a good one. My kids always liked the slip and slide. This would keep them busy for hours. Never thought of most of the other ideas – great list of activities for hot summer days.