Simple Science for Kids — Make a Rainbow

Here’s another learning activity to add to the list of Things to Do with the Kids this Summer — Make a rainbow with a hose! This is a simple way to demonstrate that when sunlight shines on water droplets at a certain angle, the water refracts the beams of sunlight to separate them into different colors.

To make a rainbow of your own, you will need: a sunny day, and a garden hose (hooked up to a water source) with a fine mist nozzle.

While standing in a sunny spot, point the hose in the direction of your shadow, and turn it on. Instant rainbow!!

Explore what happens when you spray the hose in the opposite direction. Is the rainbow still there?

Now, for the sake of “science”, try spraying your sibling.

Have fun!


  1. We love creating rainbows too. What wonderful pictures!

  2. Spraying your sister is of course part of the science experiment.

  3. Love this! Great for a hot day…and a fun science experiment!


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