Connect with Your Kids… Through Art!

It’s time for another post in our Connect with your Kids series — this time the lovely Joyce from Childhood Beckons and I are sharing our ten favorite tips for turning art and craft time into treasured family memories! We hope you enjoy lots of quality time with your kids while creating beautiful artwork together.

1. Discuss Art Together — The next time your child comes to you with a finished piece of artwork, instead of asking “What is it?” try saying “Tell me about your artwork” to generate more of a discussion with your child.

2. Let Go of Perfection — It doesn’t have to be about the end product. Let go of perfection and enjoy the process of making art with your kids.

3. Display Your Child’s Artwork in Your Home — This doesn’t mean that every piece of art needs to be kept, but having at least a few key pieces of your child’s artwork prominently displayed in your home sends the message that you value your child’s work. Added bonus – very inexpensive home decor!

4. Embrace the Mess — Learning to let go of the mess art can sometimes create can lead to some of the most memorable and fun experiences for you and your child. Still having trouble w/ the mess? Consider using washable paint, an old shower curtain makes a great drop cloth, and save the messiest art projects to do outside just before bath time. You can also find several low-mess kid-friendly art projects here.

5. Explore Together — Break out of your comfort zone and create using different materials or techniques. Exploring something new together is a fun way to connect.

6. Set the Example — Let your kids see you creating artwork of your own, then invite them to join you. Chances are they will enjoy creating alongside with you for a long while if they see you are actively participating in the process too.

7. Create with Favorites — You can have a lot of fun using a few of your child’s favorite materials. Try play dough, legos, or all of those found objects that were collected on nature walks.

8. Emphasize Uniqueness — One of my favorite aspects of watching kids draw or paint the same subject is that each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. Encourage your child to create his very own interpretation of an art or craft project to foster creativity and imagination.

9. Visit an Art Museum — You don’t have to be the ones creating. Take your kids to an art museum and talk to them about the art on display. Ask questions and discuss favorites. Also, many art museums have a “free day” or host special family events!

10. Create Something Special Just for Them Draw a little comic to include in their lunch or paint something special for their room. Showing your love through art will surely brighten your child’s day.


5 Inspiring Ways to Explore Art with Your Child

1. Family Drawing Time — Clear off the dinner table, cover it in butcher’s paper, and break out the pencils and crayons. Set a timer for every few minutes, and when it goes off, take turns going around the table to work on each others’ doodles!

2.Letter Sounds Pictionary — Have fun with this artistic learning game.

3. Painting with Feet — Who says painting always needs to be done with brushes?

4. Storytelling with Illustrations — Adding an artisic element to storytelling is an entertaining way to connect as a family.

5. Modern Art w/ Kids — A collection of kid-friendly modern art projects with unique and interesting results!

Have fun!!


  1. You mean art can be messy? I had no idea! 🙂

    Oh wait, that’s a lie…….. I have the permanently stained tablecloth to prove that.

  2. Dear Valerie,

    6. Use your husband’s personal belongings or bakeware to
    craft with. 😡


  3. Great profile of Joyce’s creativity with her son!

  4. These are really wonderful ideas! I love the idea of drawing together.

  5. This is a great collection of ideas! Painting with our feet and the family drawing time are two favorites at our house. It is nice to see we aren’t the only ones that use drawing paper in place of tablecloths! 🙂

  6. Always so much fun. I have put your blog on my Versatile Blog Award list! Thanks for all the great ideas.

  7. Great ideas! I am not an “artsy” individual, but my daughter is the epitome! These fun projects will harness both of our attention and provide lots of entertainments and you said it best, “memories.” I am also a blogger interested in providing fun solutions for families. Specifically for tackling the “to-do” list together. Check it out if you are interested.

  8. This is a very nice article! My 6 year old has practically color over everything perceivable 🙂 He is an artist after all!! As a parent we should encourage them and show them the way. We learn a lot too, in surprising ways!

    Do stop by and check what our little sketchers are up to!

    Warm Regards,