Around the Web — Displaying Kids’ Art

It’s no secret that I am a BIG proponent of displaying kids’ artwork in the home. Not only does it send the message that you value their work, but it is also super-cheap & stylish decor! Added bonus — GREAT conversation pieces, AND seeing kids art on display always makes people smile!! Our home has LOTS of the girls’ artwork displayed in frames and I love to take photos of their projects (especially WHILE they are creating) to make photo books. I can’t keep every piece of artwork they make, however, so some of their masterpieces are gifted to friends or relatives, or they eventually make their way to the recycling bin.

Here are some fun, inspiring, and inexpensive ways to display your little one’s masterpieces from around the web.

Frames made from box lids — display your child’s artwork AND recycle!!
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Digital photos of artwork combined with portraits of the kiddos!
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A more modern look with a wooden lattice & hangers.. very chic!
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Super-frugal painted cookie sheets and magnets to display kids art!
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Storage and display frame all-in-one! Holds up to 100 pieces of 8.5″ x 11″ artwork.
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There are SO many ways to treasure and display your child’s artwork!

Have fun creating a “gallery” of your own!!


  1. I love all these ideas, especially the box lid frame and cookie sheets and magnets.

  2. I love the cookie sheet magnets and the digital photo collages of the kid’s artwork. But I’d like to know what kid created the art work that’s hanging from the lattice work with the hangers.

    • LOL — I thought about that too, and was wondering if anyone would notice!! Good eye! 🙂

  3. I just use masking tape to tape them of the walls in our living room. Instant decorations! Added bonus is that the kids get to tell everyone that comes over all about the projects!

  4. Great ideas! I just got a huge poster frame – I want to use it to put the kids art work in!

  5. BTW I want to repost this for others to see – I’ll link you OK!

  6. Great ideas! How about on kitchen cabinents!

    • Yes!!! 🙂 Oh, I love to post their work on the inside of the cabinet doors too — it’s like a fun surprise every time I open a door!

  7. We have a canvas in the kitchen with clothespins glued onto.
    So we change what hanges there quickly.

  8. I am a strong believer in showcasing the kids work also…thanks for all these great ideas!

  9. The cookie sheet/magnets idea cracked me up!
    I had never thought of doing a digital collage before though. Since I scan their artwork before recycling it (except for the choice pieces) this would be ideal. Thanks!

  10. I just picked up 10 different picture frames that are 11X20 and larger. They’re really nice wooden frames with ornate carvings – only $5 for the lot! I’m taking the glass out, painting them, and then screwing them into the wall. I plan on taping the kids’ artwork inside and changing every so often.

  11. So many good ideas. Love the box lid and cookie tray ideas. I love displaying their pictures. 3-D masterpieces have a finite time on display and then they are photographed for posterity.

  12. Great ideas. I like the box lid – it might work well for collages. Thanks for sharing!

  13. This is great, love the combo of portraits and digital art prints, always looking for better ways to display little masterpieces