Hot Cocoa Cart Makes a Special Winter Treat

This hot cocoa cart puts all of your supplies for making special Winter treats at your fingertips! Hot cocoa can be such a special treat during the cold Winter months. When my kids come home after a long day at school, they look forward to unwinding with a cup of hot cocoa. We often use the time together to get caught up and chat about their day. Not only will a hot cocoa cart welcome any impromptu guests who happen to stop by, but it could also foster more family togetherness too!

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Below you will find a handy materials list so you can put together a hot cocoa cart of your own.

Hot Cocoa Cart

Materials Needed

To Make Your Hot Cocoa Cart

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To begin, empty and clean out the cart. Invite the kids to decorate the cart with a mini bunting. We made one from baker’s twine and colored masking tape to make our hot cocoa cart even more special. Next, arrange the cups, lids, spoons, and hot cocoa mix on the top cart shelf. Marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and cookies can be added to the middle cart shelf. Lastly, on the bottom cart shelf, you can add pretzels, popcorn, or nuts for snacking.

Hot Cocoa Cart

You may want to add a few treats for your family pets too! Wouldn’t a hot cocoa cart be a fun addition for any Winter party or celebration? Have fun!

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  1. I’ve been coveting coffee bars … even though I don’t drink coffee … because they’re so cute and also welcoming … but I just don’t have the space to dedicate to a permanent hot drinks spot. This portable cart would be a good compromise. Thanks for the idea!