Favorite Halloween Books for Kids Ages 4-8

Here is a list of our favorite Halloween books for kids ages 4-8! Be sure to take a look at the list below for a fun and festive Halloween story time. My own kids have personally requested these books for story time again & again! Maybe these will become some of your favorite Halloween books for kids too!

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Favorite Halloween Books for Kids Ages 4-8

Here are some of our favorite Halloween Books for Kids Ages 4-8:

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Favorite Halloween Books for Kids Ages 4-8

How to Make Friends with a Ghost – on Amazon

How to Make Friends with a Ghost – on Let’s Play Books

A sweet and endearing friendship book for kids and adults too!

Promising Review:

“I absolutely adore this book. I didn’t even buy it for any children in my life; I just bought it for myself because I thought it was so adorable! I love the illustrations so much, and the ending put me in tears.”
Favorite Halloween Books for Kids Ages 4-8

Peanut Butter and Aliens – on Amazon

Peanut Butter and Aliens – on Let’s Play Books

We loved the original Peanut Butter and Brains, and this sequel became an instant favorite as well!

Promising Review:

“Funny story that was requested by my grandson!!!” — Jeanette H.
Favorite Halloween Books for Kids Ages 4-8

Creepy Carrots – on Amazon

Creepy Carrots – on Let’s Play Books

Just the right amount of creepiness!

Promising Review:

“My four year old son LOVES this book (and the other, Creepy Pair of Underwear). For months, they were the only two books he wanted at bedtime. As an English teacher, I can tell you these stories are well crafted for kids. They keep them engaged and offer a surprising twist at the end that makes my son want to read it again and again. Spend the money on the hardcover, you won’t be disappointed.” —Maggie

Favorite Halloween Books for Kids Ages 4-8

Boo La La Witch Spa – on Amazon

Boo La La Witch Spa – on Let’s Play Books

This book inspired lots of imaginative playtime fun! You can read about our Witchy Spa here.

Promising Review:

“If you love witches, love Halloween, and LOVE going to the spa…then you are in for a real treat (but no tricks here!). Samantha Berger’s new book is a pleasure. My kids and I delight in the playful rhymes, and the treatments and spa products found in the pages of this book! It’s hilarious! The witch is super cute, and the illustrations are just gorgeous. Take time with each page to find cute things in the pictures. Samantha has done it again! Entertaining for all spa-goers, big and small!!!” —L. Kundreskas

Favorite Halloween Books for Kids Ages 4-8

Zombies in Love 2 + 1  – on Amazon

Zombies in Love 2 + 1 – on Let’s Play Books

The kids request this story around Halloween and again on Valentine’s Day. Super fun read for young zombie fans!

Promising Review:

“I purchased the original Zombie in Love years ago for my daughters. When I saw this, I just had to buy it. It is absolutely adorable and every bit as entertaining as the first book. The illustrations complement the story nicely and are simply hilarious. I highly recommend this for all the young readers and zombie lovers in your life!” — Teresa G.

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  1. Jennifer @ PocketOutdoor says

    Last week I bought “Peanut Butter and Aliens” on your recommendations. My 4 year loved the book. Those amazing pictures make it so beautiful.

    • So happy to hear that, Jennifer! Sounds like you are fostering a great love of reading with your 4 year old. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  2. Indeed. 😀 I’ve asked her to choose the next one and she now wants “How to Make Friends with a Ghost” for her birthday.