Zombie Portrait Banner for Halloween

Disclosure: This creative Halloween activity is sponsored by our friends at Melissa and Doug. All opinions are my own.

This zombie portrait banner would be a fun group craft activity for a Halloween party! The kids may enjoy creating some of their own party decor! It is easy to set up and the craft paper roll makes it quick to clean. The portraits can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. My daughter enjoyed spending a good deal of time adding plenty of spooky details to her portraits! I love how these zombie portraits encourage kids to explore painting and collage. There are so many possibilities for creative, silly, spooky fun!!

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Zombie Portrait Banner for Halloween

To make a Zombie Portrait Banner of your own, you will need:

Zombie Portrait Banner for Halloween

Prepping the Portrait Painting Station:

To set up your portrait painting station, unroll about 5 feet of the paper roll onto a flat surface. Next, cut out some circles from white construction paper for eyes. Invite your child to use safety scissors to cut various shapes of white construction paper for teeth. Cut up bits of black string or yarn for stitches. Lastly, cut a few sheets of colored construction paper into large ovals for the heads. The heads can be misshapen for more of a zombie look!

Build a Zombie!

Invite your child to glue the zombie’s head onto the paper roll. Next, it is time to build the zombie! Your child can use glue stick to attach eyeballs and teeth as desired. To attach stitches, dip the pieces of string into school glue before adding them into place. Your child can use a thin paint brush dipped in washable poster paint for adding lots of spooky details like drool, mud, worms, spiders, and webs! We especially love the Melissa & Doug deluxe poster paint set because the colors are vibrant, and the paint is washable!

Zombie Portrait Banner for Halloween

Once the paint and glue have dried completely, cut off the banner from the paper roll. You can hang your banner on display to add to your Halloween party decor!

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