10 Spooky Halloween Storybooks for Kids

If your kids are looking forward to some spooky fun this Halloween, here is a list of 10 of our favorite books with just the right amount of spookiness for plenty of festive story times celebrating ghosts, skeletons, haunted houses, and even zombies! I’ve included these books in particular because my own kids have requested to read them during other times of the year besides just Halloween, and they are some of the most cleverly illustrated books we own.

10 Spooky Halloween Storybooks for Kids

1. Skeleton Hiccups — (age range 3-6 yrs old) An adorable story about a skeleton that can’t seem to shake a stubborn case of the hiccups. The usual hiccup cures are tested, until Skeleton’s friend Ghost comes up with a clever idea which involves a mirror. The illustrations in this book are very well done!

2. In the Haunted House — (age range 5-8 yrs old) If your kids love spooky stories, they will LOVE this book with its clever hidden illustrations that explain why spooky things are happening in this haunted house. Very descriptive writing and spooky but funny book. This one had my kids reading it over and over again!

3. Bone Soup — (age range 5-8 yrs old) A hungry skeleton stars in this Halloween-themed version of Stone Soup (which happens to be one of Emily’s favorite stories). A classic that is sure to be read at other times of the year too!

4. Clifford’s Halloween — (age rage 3-6 years old) Not necessarily spooky, but this one is on the list because it was one of my absolute favorite story books from when I was a kid. Halloween just isn’t complete without including this cute Clifford book during story time!

5. The Night Before Halloween — (age range 4-8 years old) Another story that is sure to delight any child who loves Halloween. This one shows what happens when a group of monsters prepares a haunted house for trick or treaters and their Halloween party.

6. Click, Clack, Boo!: A Tricky Treat — (age range 3-7 years old) The barnyard animals have a little surprise in store for Farmer Brown in this Halloween-themed story from the Click, Clack, Moo series. This one is particularly great for a group story time because the illustrations can easily be seen from further away.

7. Creepy Carrots! — (age range 4-8 years old) This has been one of Clara’s favorite books for about a year now. It does look creepy, but she absolutely loves it! Well-illustrated story about a rabbit who thinks the carrots are out to get him.

8. Zombie in Love — (age range 4-8 years old) Seriously adorable (with just the right amount of spooky) story book that both of my kids love! Very funny story and great illustrations with neat details that had the kids combing each page to find hidden gems in the pictures. Highly recommend this one!

9. Big Pumpkin — (age range 4-8 years old) What happens when a witch grows a pumpkin that is so big, she can’t get it off the vine to make a pumpkin pie? Sometimes the tiniest creatures can have the biggest impact as this story demonstrates when a small bat comes to help after the vampire, the ghost, and the mummy have failed. Repetitive and easy to follow story for ages 4 and up.

10. Room on the Broom — (age range 4-8 years old) Such a fun book to read with a rhyming story line about friendship and cooperation, and the illustrations are so cute! Makes a great gift for a child who is eagerly anticipating Halloween! An instant Halloween classic!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    We should get the girls some of the Bunnicula series. I seem to remember “The Celery Stalks at Midnight” as being quite entertaining!