Groundhog Day Activities for Kids

These Groundhog Day activities for kids are a great way to learn more about groundhogs, shadows, and more! Many of these activities include elements of science, engineering, math, and art. My kids enjoyed creating their own flip book animations, and designing homes for groundhogs using recycled materials. Here are some of our favorite learning activities for Groundhog Day. Be sure to scroll down to get your printable Groundhog Day Activity Cards!

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Groundhog Day Activities for Kids

Groundhog Day Activities for Kids:

  1. Go outside on a sunny day at noon, and use sidewalk chalk to trace your shadow. Do the same shadow tracing at 4pm. How are the shadows different?
  2. Design and build a home for a groundhog using recyclable materials.
  3. Use play dough to make a sculpture of a groundhog.
  4. Create a flip book animation of a groundhog emerging from its den and seeing its shadow.
  5. Groundhogs typically move at a rate of 1.84 mph. How long would it take a groundhog to travel from your home to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania?
  6. Calculate the number of days between Groundhog Day and your birthday.
  7. Ask friends and family members to predict if the groundhog will see its shadow on Groundhog Day. Graph your results.
  8. Make your own shadow puppets and put on a show!

Have fun!!

Get Your Free Printable Groundhog Day Activity Cards:Groundhog Day Activities for Kids

These cards make it easy to do fun Groundhog Day themed activities with the kids! Just download, print onto card stock paper, cut out, and play!

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Groundhog Day Activities for Kids

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