10 Quirky Books for Kids

These quirky books for kids (or the kid-in-you) are great for those who love a little whimsy and a bit of the unexpected! They are some of our favorite read aloud books, and they are filled with charm and beautiful illustrations. Your kids may want to read these again and again!

Here are 10 Quirky Books for Kids:

10 Quirky and Fun Books for Kids

1. The Book with No Pictures

The minute this book arrived, I knew it was going to be a huge hit with both of my kids. You may recognize BJ Novak from NBC’s The Office, and his latest book is quite the gem! The Book with No Pictures starts by assuming most people might think a book with no pictures may be boring and serious, but this book is anything but! Here is a video of the author reading to a group of school kids. Watch their reactions… priceless!


2. The Day the Crayons Quit

A clever book about a box of crayons the have gone on strike. Throughout the book, the illustrations perfectly match the personalities as each crayon shares a letter voicing its concern or frustration. Super funny and will make you think about how you color!


3. Sam & Dave Dig a Hole

In this book, Sam and Dave set out to dig a hole and they will not stop until they find something spectacular. Through its brilliant illustrations, we can see how very close they come to finding spectacular things, only to keep barely missing them. In they end, they come across something very spectacular indeed…. or do they? Hint: you may want to have chocolate milk and animal crackers on-hand for after reading this book. Sam and Dave take frequent breaks while digging to drink chocolate milk and eat animal crackers.


4. This book just ate my dog!

Young Bella is out walking her dog across the page one day, and her dog gets stuck! She calls out for help, but when helpers come, they also get stuck in the book. Finally, a letter arrives with instructions for the reader to help Bella and her friends escape from the naughty book that has eaten them!


5. Press Here

An irresistible book for all ages! Readers are instructed to perform various actions throughout the pages, and it is sure to keep them engaged throughout. Very imaginative and fun — almost magical!


6. Hug Machine

A young boy takes it upon himself to cheer and calm everyone and everything with a warm hug. He takes his job seriously and needs refueling from time to time (pizza). Finally, after a very long day of being the hug machine, he collapses from exhaustion into his mom’s arms. Beautiful watercolor illustrations, and an adorable book!


7. Sebastian and the Balloon

This book tells the story of a young boy who sits out on the rooftop of his house, and goes for an adventure in his hot air balloon that is made from his grandmother’s afghans and quilts. Along the way, he makes some new friends and they come across something very unexpected indeed!


8. Dragons Love Tacos

Everyone knows that dragons love tacos. But don’t ever give them spicy salsa!! We have had so much fun with this book, and my kids enjoy reading it to their stuffed animal dragon friends. Of course, you may want to have a make your own tacos night for dinner after reading this book!


9. The Pigeon Needs a Bath!

Any of the pigeon books are fantastic, but this one in particular is a favorite in our house. The excuses the pigeon gives for  not needing a bath are hysterical, and no kid can resist talking back to the pigeon to show him who’s boss. Such a funny book!


10. Rosie Revere, Engineer

This book is great for teaching kids the importance of perseverance and to not be afraid to take chances… even if they fail.  Young Rosie loves to build all sorts of gadgets, and sets out to build a flying contraption after learning it was her great-great-aunt biggest wish. Rosie battles her fear of failure to do great things and learns several life lessons along the way. This book is a favorite in our household!

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  1. Amy Sisson says

    Fun post! I’m most interested in “Sam & Dave Dig a Hole” and “This Book Just Ate My Dog”. Just requested both from the library!

  2. Awwww! I love them all!!! I laughed as a child with the first video!! Amazing! Who would have thought a book with no pictures would be so much fun!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great list! You’ve included a couple of my new favorites!

  4. Great list! A really fun and quirky book my son loves is Captain Arsenio: Inventions and Misadvetures in Flight by Pablo Arsenio.