10 Simple Pleasures for Cherished Childhood Memories

1. Brighten the walkway with some Sidewalk Chalk Stencils.


2. Kids LOVE dirt!! Create an outdoor Mud Pie Kitchen for hours of messy pretend play fun.


3. Bubbles are sure to make everyone smile!


4. Grab a roll of pennies, and visit a local water fountain to Make Lots of Wishes.


5. Go shopping for sunglasses. Take several Glamour Photos.


6. Spend an afternoon getting messy with some Splatter Painting Fun.


7. Build a Marble Run together.


8. Jumping in Puddles… yes, yes, yes!!!


9. Go on a (pretend) Hot Air Balloon Ride. Who needs toys when you have a laundry basket??


10. Go on a pretend camping trip in your living room, or in your own backyard.

Have fun!!


  1. What a fun list! I need to do a pretend camping trip because my daughter keeps asking to go camping and we have’t been able to make it happen. And we would get the real camping experience since mosquitoes just love our backyard. 😉

  2. Jennifer says

    Love this list! I love number 2! I can still remember being 5 playing with my toy kitchen outside with my friend. We would spend many afternoons making mud pies and finding dead shiny beetles to put on top.

  3. Oh I love number 4! My son loves this and I love hearing all of his wishes. 🙂 Wonderful list!

  4. This is great!! Can’t wait to share with my preschool mommy friends 🙂


  5. My favorite: “Go shopping for sunglasses. Take several Glamour Photos.” I could definitely see my girls thoroughly enjoy this. You have such great ideas and all of them are so easy to fit even in a busy schedule.

  6. My personal favorite: Go shopping for sunglasses. Take several Glamour Photos. This site seemed like an awesome resource the first time I discovered it and you seem to have an ever expanding selection and surely an ever expanding imagination. Quite a pleasure to explore. Thanks.


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