Curb Appeal on the Cheap

Want to add some curb appeal to your home without breaking the bank?? You can! And in just 3 easy steps!!

Step 1: Sweep up the sidewalk to remove any dirt or debris.


Step 2: Make some sidewalk chalk stencils with heavy cardstock paper (Hint: Old file folders or pieces of cardboard from empty cereal boxes work well for this.) Make plenty of colorful, festive designs!!


Step 3: Repeat as needed, and admire your beautiful walkway!

Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Please get Clara sweeping the kitchen floor next. Thanks!


  2. This made me smile – thank you! 😀

  3. Love the bright colored chalk hearts!

  4. ok, seriously, how do you get such vibrant chalk colors?!! Love it!

  5. beautiful! and we have the perfect walkway for this : )

  6. So gorgeous! No rain, no rain, no rain!!!

  7. Wow, Emily is going to love your beautiful footpath when she gets home from school. So simple and so effective!

  8. Oh that would be so fun on our driveway. I agree great way to add curb appeal!

  9. Love this! Now we need our own walkway (renters).

    I pinned you, too. 🙂

  10. This is so cute! What a great and simple idea. How cute would it be to put a really big heart in the drive way for Daddy on v-da?!

  11. That is a very sweet idea – I love it.

  12. Oh I love it!
    This is the best curb appeal ever!

  13. That’s fabulous. I bet she has a blast. My kids love sidewalk chalk. We’ll definitely be trying this one out.

  14. Shelly Foster says

    That is such a cool idea I will have to try that with my son… Ahwile back you had a giveaway for the Spriderman Crayola Comic Book you make starring yourself. Well we won it but God blessed us even more with it. We gave it to a mom who had no money for her son’s birthday gift ( finacial hardship) so Jakey wanted to give her the Spiderman gift to give him. The next thing you know God blessed us with finding out I was supposed to get a “bonus” at work. To me that was a double blessing my son wanting to give up a new toy of his (he is 4) still in plastic to someone less fortunate. And learning that obeidence to God is our first reward.

  15. LOVE this idea! I’m sharing it with my friends on facebook!

    xo ~ kristi


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