Earth Day Recycling Craft Round Up

In honor of Earth Day, here are some links from the archives of our Earth Day craft and activity ideas that feature recycled materials. Enjoy!

Putting Recyclables to Good Use (Video from Newswatch 16 featuring Frugal Family Fun Blog)
What are your plans to celebrate Earth Day? I would love to hear your ideas. Leave a comment and share your story with us!


  1. I really do appreciate how much you reuse and repurpose things. I try to stay away from craftst that I know we will just throw away after a day that use more than just a piece of paper. There is purpose to all we do, but so much can be reused…

    I also wanted to let you know you have a Super Award waiting for you at my blog. Come over to “get” it.

  2. Just in time for me to add to our post on ABC & 123, tomorrow's all about recycled crafs and activities! I'm going to link to this post and the one on using old magazines to make beads, okay Valerie?

  3. Thank you, Annette. I know what you mean about staying away from "high consuming" crafts. It can seem like such a waste sometimes. And thank you for the award — what a nice surprise!

    Katie, that would be fabulous, and I will add ABC & 123 to my blog roll (if I haven't already). Your comments have made my day!

  4. Fantastic craft roundup, I love all of the recyclable crafts you post on your blog!

  5. Thanks so much, Maryanne! You’ve featured some great crafts with recyclables on your blog too. You know what they say about great minds… 🙂

  6. So many great ideas. Growing up I loved those can stilts. They were so much fun.

  7. littlebear says

    I love your recycled craft ideas, and the fact that you have an invention kit! I can’t wait until we have a house with a basement, because then I’ll have room to do stuff like that!

  8. That is quite the list. You have been busy!!