Fun with Juice Lids — Size Matching Game

Emily had fun playing this matching game this afternoon.  To make your own size matching game, you will need:

several lids from frozen juice concentrate
white paper
double sided tape or glue dots
stickers of similar objects in different sizes
Trace the juice lids on the white paper and cut out to attach using double sided tape or glue dots.  Add stickers, and you are done!
Preschoolers can sort by matching objects, by matching sizes, or even by matching colors.


  1. Kim S in SC says

    I used to save all my milk caps. They were different colors and the kids would sort by color or arrange in patterns. Thanks for the tips! I still teach Sunday School and am always looking for frugal and fun ideas! Found you from Money Saving

  2. Valerie Deneen says

    I love that idea! We always have so many milk caps, We’ve been letting the cats play with them, but I never thought to make a sorting game with them. Awesome!