Help with Taxes — For Free

Dealing with taxes might not be much fun, but you may be able to take advantage of some good free resources to make filing your taxes a little less painful. Here are some of my favorites: Go to for a FREE download from TurboTax that helps you get the biggest deduction for your charitable […]

Save Money on Your Phone Bill

A great way to save money without really feeling the pinch is to find ways to lower your phone bill. There are many options available, so how can you find the one that is right for you? Here are some things to consider when trying to save money on your phone bill. Limit your long […]

The Money Garden

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? This $10 seed investment boasts that it can yield over $650 worth of vegetables on just one tenth of an acre! For more gardening tips, see my recent post Garden Planning.

The Secrets to Once a Month Grocery Shopping

If you have never tried once a month grocery shopping, February is the perfect month to start!  With just 28 days, if you are already accustomed to shopping every other week, once a month shopping for this month will not feel like much of a stretch.  Here are some tips to get started: Leave the […]

6 Tips for Handling Picky Eaters

Are your kids picky eaters? Are you preparing several dinners each night? Finding ways to handle picky eaters can be a huge help towards keeping a low food budget. Here are some tips that worked with our little picky one (who is not so picky any more!). Do not keep junk food in the house. […]

The Great Thermostat Debate

The Deneen household is kept at a fairly constant 66 degrees during the winter (sometimes lower if we leave the house for a long period of time). I have noticed that hardly anyone else seems to keep their thermostat set this low. We dress the kids in layers, and we wear sweaters this time of […]

Raising baby green — on a budget

Clara at 7 months old. In most cases, being frugal is also good for the environment and vice versa.  However, raising baby green can sometimes be challenging for your budget since what is best for the environment may not always be the most frugal choice. Organic baby food, for instance, usually costs considerably more than […]

Top 5 Things to Buy Used

Photo by DIY City Mag I am a huge fan of shopping at thrift stores, consignment shops, and yard sales for used items.  Not only is this a great money-saving strategy, it is also better for the environment.  Buying used requires less resources to produce, and helps keep waste out of landfills.   Here is […]

This Week Find Deals on Craft Supplies

Photo by Lauren Weinhold We frequently make crafts from recycled items, but we also keep a well-stocked selection of paints, felt, markers, crayons, and glue on-hand. Here are some ways to help build up your craft closet by taking advantage of some upcoming sales and online deals. Click here for printable coupons for A.C. Moore […]

6 Tips for Motivation to Stick to a Budget

The New Year’s resolutions have been made, and many people have resolved to “spend less money” in 2009.  Setting up a budget for the new year can be easy, but finding ways to stay motivated can mean the difference between budget success and failure. Here are some strategies to keep you motivated and on the […]

Coupon Alert

Tip — Be sure to pick up a copy of today’s newspaper for some great coupon inserts!  The paper for the first weekend of the year usually contains a large number of coupons, and this year is no exception.  Some gas stations may sell the Sunday paper on Monday at a discount, so you may […]

5 Ways to Save Money on Video Games

Emily (at 11 months) was already enjoying video games with Daddy! Recently, we had a family video game night, and it was tons of fun.  In our household, we have a weakness for video games, and buying new games can quickly become expensive.  Mark and Emily get lots of mileage out of the ones we […]

The Art of Re-Gifting

Re-gifting is an art. If done improperly, it is considered tacky and rude. If done properly, however, your friends will still like you and your resourcefulness will be admired. Here are some things to keep in mind when re-gifting: The recipient — Obviously the recipient should be your main concern whether you are gifting or […]

Preparing for Next Christmas

Now all the presents are unwrapped, and the holiday rush is just starting to settle down. I was tempted to just relax at home and enjoy time with the family, but the truth is now is the best time to score some awesome holiday deals at after-Christmas sales and start planning a holiday fund for […]

7 Best Buys for After Christmas Sales

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday and best wishes for the New Year! Tomorrow’s after Christmas sales could help save your family a lot of money for next year. Here is a quick list of best buys for after Christmas sales: Holiday Wrapping Paper, Gift Bags, and Gift Boxes — If you have the storage for […]

9 Tips to Cut Holiday Expenses

Does the idea of spending a lot of money this holiday season make you cringe? Have you been trying to save money during this tough economic time? Are you afraid the holidays will put your family further into debt? Fortunately, Frugal Family Fun Blog is here to show you how to celebrate the holidays with […]

Target Tip — Print Coupons at the Gift Registry

Since I posted my $10 Target gift card giveaway, many of you have written that you were not aware of how to print out coupons at the gift registry kiosk to help stretch your money while shopping there.   Here is a great video (thanks, DealSeekingMom!)explaining how it works: Basically, just walk over to the […]

Save Money on Baby

(Clara Sage at 4 months.  Isn’t she cute??) Let’s face it, babies are expensive creatures.  Between the diapers, formula, baby food, and clothes, the cost of raising a child can really add up!  Here are some of my favorite ways to save money on babies: Diapers:  Consider cloth diapers.  I know, I know, but before […]