The Great Thermostat Debate

The Deneen household is kept at a fairly constant 66 degrees during the winter (sometimes lower if we leave the house for a long period of time). I have noticed that hardly anyone else seems to keep their thermostat set this low. We dress the kids in layers, and we wear sweaters this time of year so 66 degrees really does not seem cold. I know several people who keep their thermostat set to 75! 

What temperature do you keep your thermostat during winter? 


  1. We keep ours at 65, so I don’t think that’s too low. Although some of my friends do, lol!

  2. 67. We tried 66 for a while at our house, but somehow it seemed much colder than 67… I find that some of the people who keep their house 75 in the winter keep it closer to 66 in the summer, makes no sense to me!

  3. I like to keep mine set at 68. Now if I could just get my husband to do the same! I regularly wake up in the middle of the night to find he’s put it on nearly 80!!!!

  4. Enjoyed this post! This area is still a work in progress here… so I’m ashamed to say that 72 is the norm. This house is really drafty, so it always seems so much colder. I’ve been working hard on leaving it at 70. 😉

  5. We keep ours at 68 most of the time….but it has gone up a little lately because its been super cold here (GA). We have a cement slab under our house, and no sub floors, so our carpet is the only thing insulating the floor, and its just too cold below 68. I do turn it down on the warmer days though….but its been a few weeks since we had one of those!

  6. 67. And my kids make me feel guilty when they put on gloves or jackets in the house! I think they do it to annoy me.

  7. We are thick skinned here. Our thermostat goes to 60 degrees at night and we usually turn it up to about 65 during the day, sometimes 66. Occasionally if we are busy we will forget to turn the heat up and actually end up keeping at 60 all day! Our friends always complain of being cold when they come over but we rejoice when we get the utility bill!

    Good topic! I love your blog!

  8. Jenny Henny says

    68 – I give you credit, I’m freezing at 68, two degrees colder and I don’t think I’d get anything done because I’d be hiding under a blanket all day!

  9. erinbassett says

    I live in CA….so I've had the AC on more than the heater this winter. But, in past years we've rarly even turned our heater on, & if we do it's to 65-67.

  10. We keep our thermostat at 66 in the winter, too. The cooler temp makes it easier to sleep – an increasingly challenging issue with the onset of my late 50’s.

    I get some push back from my stepson, but hubby’s in agreement because he likes to sleep wedged up against me. So NOT fun when I’m radiating like a furnace.

    Not looking forward to summer’s return…

  11. We keep our thermostat at 64 during the daytime when we are here. I wear longjohns!!! I’m really cold blooded, but if I can make it through the first month of winter I feel like I’ve acclimated my body. At night we only turn it down to 60 because of our little boy. Before him, we turned it down to 52. We are cheapskates!!! (PS We never use AC) Fans do a lot of good and we pump in the cooler night air. It’s hardest on hubby who works in AC.


  12. we use to do 60 at during the day when i’m at work and at night when we’re in bed then 62 between when i got home from work and bedtime. but then my hubs spend $100 on new hinges and door knobs so i said if we could afford something as frivilous as that, we could afford to keep it at 65 for a few hours in the evening.

    in the summer we keep it between 78 and 80.

  13. Someone Beautiful says

    62 in the daytime, 60 overnight. The catch is that it is always much warmer upstairs.

  14. Hi! I just found you via Crafty Crow. Our household temp is set to 64* and 58* at night, although lately I have had it as low as 62* during the day. We have six children (11, 10, 8, 7, 4, 1) and none of them seem to mind at all 🙂
    We are a home learning family so we are at home all of the time.

  15. We keep ours at 65. Our house is drafty though, so it often feels colder! If money were not an issue, I’d keep it around 70-72.

  16. We have our thermostat set for 62 at night and during the day when we are gone. Only in the morning when we get up and at night when we are having dinner and before bed is it set for 65. If it is raining or really cold I override it at 67. We wear layers. I tell anyone that complains that they are in New England and it is winter. Why are they NOT wearing layers.

  17. We keep ours at 68, but just a few degrees can make a difference. We need to lower ours! 🙂