EASY Christmas Ornament – Mini Pipecleaner Wreaths

Here’s an easy Christmas ornament craft to try with your teen or tween during the holiday break! These mini pipecleaner wreaths would be great gifts for friends or family. They could also be added as festive gift toppers. Use of the glue gun is optional, however, if you would like a slightly easier version of this craft for younger kids, check out the tutorial I did here for the Kindergarten Connection.

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EASY Christmas Ornament - Mini Pipecleaner Wreaths

To make a mini pipecleaner wreath ornament of your own, you will need:

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Here is a video tutorial showing how to this easy Christmas ornament:

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I love how quick and easy these ornaments are to make! Why not string a series of mini wreaths to form a garland, or use the ornaments as napkin rings for your holiday table decor? Since they can be made very quickly (and inexpensively), they would be a great addition to sell at a holiday craft bazaar or for a fundraiser event too. Lots of decorative possibilities!

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  1. I love these wreaths! Could you tell me where you bought the green pipe cleaners? I only seem to be able to find ones like the red. I love how much the green ones, you have used look like real greenery. Thanks!