Simple Holiday Crafts for Kids

Here are a few of our favorite simple holiday crafts for kids to do that are quick and easy to set up, perfect for keeping the kids entertained during Winter break! Many of these use common household materials you probably already have on-hand.

Simple Holiday Crafts for Kids

Yay for simple activities!! Some of these crafts can even double as handmade holiday gifts for teachers, family, or friends. Presenting the craft materials on an old cookie sheet helps to keep the mess contained, and makes it easy to create a festive invitation to create!

Simple Holiday Crafts for Kids

1. Cardboard Gingerbreadmen

Set up a simple invitation to create these adorable cardboard gingerbreadmen. Afterwards, kids can pretend to bake them up in a play kitchen set over and over again! For a different version, try using scented play dough instead of cardboard.

Simple Holiday Crafts for Kids

2. Peppermint Necklaces

These handmade “peppermint” necklaces make unique and festive gifts for family and friends! You can even sneak in a quick introduction to patterns to alternate between “peppermint sticks” and “cinnamon candies” for some playful holiday learning.

Simple Holiday Crafts for Kids

3. Frosty Flowers

Create your own Winter wonderland with these frosty flowers crafted with tissue paper, glitter glue, and lots of love. Great for giving on their own, decorating gift wrapped packages, or even bundling up into bouquets for a unique and sparkly table centerpiece!

Simple Holiday Crafts for Kids

4. Holiday Lights Card

Craft up a beautiful keepsake card with fingerprints to create a tree with holiday light border, inspired by the Fingerprinted Holiday Lights Craft from Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club. Click here for details, and to enter for your chance to win a $100 gift card to Dollar Tree!

Simple Holiday Crafts for Kids

5. Peppermint Mocha Mix

Gather up the kids to help whip up a batch of peppermint mocha mix for your child’s teacher, neighbors, or friends. Delicious! Kids can help make the mix, and package it up!

Simple Holiday Crafts for Kids

6. Cardboard Toy Gingerbread House

Craft up an adorable cardboard gingerbread house that kids can build and decorate again and again! For more details, and to get the free printable template, click here.

Simple Holiday Crafts for Kids

7. Kid-Made Holiday Cards

The kids can make these colorful holiday cards using labels! Get the full how-to here.


  1. Fabulous blog! I just spent almost 30 minutes looking around….lol
    Love it!

  2. Love the gingerbread house! Has anybody ever tried crafting with spun cotton balls? They are the source of many simple and inexpensive crafts as well.

  3. Wow..amazing! What fabulous finds! I could sit on here alllll day cruising around, but I DO have a 4yr old I did come on here to find a craft to do when he wakes from his nap, and now there are so many ideas I have no idea where to start!! Lol! I guess, lucky for me, I don’t have allll the ingredients for every craft I like so that makes it much easier to narrow it down! Hahaa! Thanks for ur wonderful Blog, and u have a fan in me!

    • I am so happy to hear that, Marsha! You just made my day!! 😀 Thank you for stopping by. xo