Colorful Kid Made Holiday Cards

Handmade cards play an important roll in our holiday preparations. Clara and I had a lot of fun making these bright and cheerful holiday cards! I thought you might want to make some of your own too. All you need to make these is an alphabet stamp set (we adore our Melissa & Doug Set), foil star stickers, inexpensive neon labels, scissors, and colored paper or card stock.

Invite your child over for some stamping and sticker fun!! I did a few example cards for Clara to use as a guide, but let her arrange things however she liked. She loved placing the stickers to make the banner and then stamping on top of them to spell out words like “Noel” or “Joy”! Later, we cut the leftover labels to make trees and she added the foil stars on top. [Tip — I found it was much easier to peel the labels first, and then cut them.]

Clara loved the idea of making her own cards to mail to faraway friends and family. This was a great exercise in letter recognition and fine-motor practice for her too — an added bonus!

I think her favorite part was drawing in the little tree trunks!

Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Ahh, yes. I spent many a day in my youth drawing tree trunks. Oh, the fun I had!


  2. These cards are AWESOME! I would totally buy them from a kid rather than a store!

  3. They look so cute! I love your label crafts!