Advent Calendar Easy Holiday Craft

This advent calendar is easy to make and there are lots of different options for customization! I love how colorful and festive it looks. The best part is that there is no sewing involved in making this advent calendar. Would you believe it is made from a simple over-the-door shoe organizer? Scroll down for the free printable template too! 

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Advent Calendar Easy Holiday Craft

Materials Needed:

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To make this advent calendar, you will need:

Advent Calendar Easy Holiday Craft

Getting Started:

Start by prepping the over-the-door shoe organizer by following the package instructions to hang the organizer over the door. Next, use a fabric steamer to reduce any wrinkles in the canvas.

Advent Calendar Easy Holiday Craft

Once the organizer is steamed, carefully remove the shoe organizer, but leave the hooks over the top of the door. Place the shoe organizer on a large, flat surface.

Advent Calendar Easy Holiday Craft

Once the organizer is laying flat, use paint markers to add some colorful designs! I chose to draw a simple border around each of the pockets. Leave space at the top of each pocket for the calendar numbers to be added.

Advent Calendar Easy Holiday Craft

Download and print the free printable advent number template. Use scissors or a 1.5-inch circle punch to cut out the calendar numbers.

Advent Calendar Easy Holiday Craft

Once all the numbers are cut out, arrange them onto pieces of card stock paper however you would like. Glue the numbers into place.

Advent Calendar Easy Holiday Craft

Once the glue has dried, use mini clothes pins to layer a piece of a fabric scrap, then the calendar number along the top edge of each pocket.

Advent Calendar Easy Holiday Craft

The pockets on the Mindspace over-the-door closet organizer are generously sized! You can fit lots of fun and festive goodies for each day. We wrapped our gifts in brown paper lunch bags and tied them with twine.

Alternatively, place a sealed envelope inside each one with a piece of paper containing a simple holiday activity for the family to enjoy. You will find a free printable with a list of advent activity ideas here!

Advent Calendar Easy Holiday Craft

Advent Calendar Gift Ideas:

Here are a few small gift ideas for what to include in your advent calendar. Mix and match them however you would like!

  1. scented hand lotion
  2. hot chocolate mix
  3. bath salts
  4. small chocolates
  5. small bottle of liquor
  6. pair of cozy socks
  7. small books or notebooks
  8. small bag of popcorn
  9. box of peppermint tea
  10. gift cards
  11. holiday candles
  12. nail polish and filing boards
  13. facial masks
  14. lip balm
  15. small bag of holiday candy
  16. reusable water bottle
  17. mini bottle of wine or champagne
  18. bag of roasted nuts
  19. a new ornament for the tree
  20. bag of holiday flavored coffee
  21. scented sachets
  22. new pack of pencils or pens
  23. small package of cookies
  24. reindeer food

Have fun!!

Question – Do you have a great gift idea for an advent calendar that is not listed above? I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment and share your ideas with us!

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