Advent Activity Calendar from an Egg Carton

We had an empty egg carton laying around, and when I opened it, I realized this one had 24 little compartments. Hmm… 24? Are you thinking what I’m thinking??

Hello, Advent Calendar!!

Instead of gifts or candy, I thought it would be more fun (and meaningful) to fill each compartment with its own little holiday activity. I just love celebrating the little things in life, don’t you?? In between each compartment, I used small rolls of tape to attach a sheet of paper with corresponding numbers (& pre-cut slits) to the front. A very quick and simple project!

Once we start counting down the days until Christmas, we’ll get to poke through a number and do that day’s holiday activity. Hopefully, we’ll make some fun family memories along the way!

Wanna know what’s inside? Ok, I’ll share our list with you! (I’ve linked to those activities I’ve blogged about previously, and most are free or very low-cost.)

1. Bake cookies (w/ Daddy!)

2. Hot chocolate w/ marshmallows

3. Handmade ornaments

4. Paper snowflakes

5. Decorate window

6. Handmade wrapping paper

7. Mail holiday cards

8. Make gift tags

9. Chocolate-dipped candy canes

10. Family Holiday Movie Night

11. Build a snowman

12. Unwrap a new book

13. Ice suncatchers

14. Leave a holiday treat for the letter carrier

15. Drive to see holiday lights

16. Gingerbread houses

17. Do a random act of holiday kindness

18. Visit w/ Santa

19. Go sledding

20. Unwrap new pajamas

21. String a popcorn garland

22. Sing Christmas carols

23. Put up Christmas tree

24. Decorate tree

And since you’re so kind, I’ve made a printable list to share with you too!

Here’s to a fun, simple, and meaningful holiday season!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Now you just need to find some sort of package with 8 compartments for our Jewish friends. 🙂


  2. What a super cute and fun activity! I love the idea of putting fun activities in each spot instead of just candy!

  3. Great idea!

  4. Thanks for sharing your list. Sometimes I get so busy I don’t have time to think up my own fun stuff (or at least not 24 days’ worth) 🙂

  5. That is so cute! When do you open it up? Morning? Evening? This is our first year doing an advent calendar with our kids. Vicky from Mess For Less

    • Hi Vicky! Definitely in the morning, so we’ll have something fun (and festive!) to do for that day. Advent calendars are so much fun!! Enjoy! xoxo

  6. Eggcellent idea! Thanks to Pinterest, I’m set for Advent, having already wrapped up 24 Christmas/Snow themed books for the kids to open. Your idea is a sure go for next year!!!

  7. You are crazy creative!!! I love it!

  8. Thats a lovely idea! simple yet effective! I love how your mind works x

  9. I saw a really cool idea on another site using egg cartons also for smashing them! This would be less destructive, but still fun……

  10. What a nice idea! We have a wooden advent calendar (but I have seen so many great homemade advent calendars online that I love!) and we are going to put activities in it this year, too. Last year we did beads in some, but we don’t really need anymore beads. Plus, it feels unnecessary to give more gifts for the advent because there will be plenty on Christmas morning.

    We are going to do some riddles too, to make our daughter think a bit and figure out what the activity for the day is! We are looking forward to it. Thank you for your suggestions!!

  11. Very cute! Great activity list, too!

  12. LOVE THIS!!!!!! I have so many fun things that I want to do for December, I never thought of doing an advent calendar to do them! AWESOME!

  13. I’ve always thought it would be fun to try to do a fun activity each day for advent, and I love your idea for using the egg carton. What do you do if the activity doesn’t work for the day you had planned it? For instance… no snow on the “build a snowman” day? That might just be my luck!

    • I was wondering if anyone would ask that! lol We still build snowmen, just don’t use snow… play dough works well. For sledding, we sometimes do that in our living room ((but I don’t think we’re very normal!)) 😉 We do a LOT of pretend play around here!

  14. This is such a great way to recycle!

  15. I decided we were going to do something similar this year. We already have a Nativity advent calendar with pockets so I wrote out 24 fun family activities on strips of leftover scrapbooking paper and curled one in each pocket with the felt Nativity character. Each day when the kids pull out the character, they will also pull out and announce the day’s activity. Then we will make a loop with the first strip and continue to loop the following strips through the previous one as they come. By Christmas, not only will we have a month full of meaningful family memories, we will also have a long chain to hang as a decoration!

  16. Next year I will definitely do an activity Advent. We are kind of checking out the one online at, but there was nothing so far that Anna wanted to do. Your list sounds great!

  17. Ah! This is brilliant Valerie. We need a little balance in our house regarding advent. Both girls have adorable fabric advent calendars they received from their Nanna which is for mini chocolates only (and only for after school!). Every now and then there is a hair clip or nice pencil in there but mostly yummy chocolate. How special it would be to have a surprise activity to ‘open’ as well?! Next year!!

  18. Great minds think alike – I was totally thinking of this the other day – using egg cartons to make an advent calendar focused on different family activities! You rock!!


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