You can’t catch me!

All four of us enjoyed some late night baking this evening. We made gingerbread cookies! This is an activity Emily has been begging me to do for ages, but I’m not much of a baker. At all. Clearly, it was time to call in reinforcements! Hey, I know my limits.
First, find the perfect cookie sheet.

Next, get a big, strong, daddy to roll out the dough.
Be sure to turn on your oven light!
Cut out the gingerbread men, and make them talk to each other.
Assign someone to keep an eye on things and make sure the cookies don’t burn.
Carefully transfer cookies to a cooling rack.
Decorate! Oh dear, we did have one casualty……. *sniff*… poor guy. He didn’t even see it comin’.
These guys looked much happier!
Craft!! Super quick and easy felt gingerbread men. 1. Trace cookie cutter. 2. Cut out felt. 3. Sew two layers of cut felt together. 4. Decorate with PUFFY PAINT for icing!
I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking this is probably the best use for puffy paint I’ve seen in a long time!

In other exciting news, I just found out we have been nominated for a Homeschool Blog Award from The Homeschool Post! Please, please, please consider voting for us (there’s no need to sign in). We have been nominated for two categories: Best Thrifty Homeschooler and Best Cyber Buddy Blogger!
More good news — Dawn, (aka UK Lass), has granted me permission to sell some fun fabric dollhouses in our etsy shop. You can look for them there early next week — just in time for the holidays! Thank you, Dawn!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    I'm sorry that I crushed that poor gingerbread man's arm with the oven mitt. I'm sure I heard a little scream. πŸ™ I guess I shouldn't feel so bad; I did create him in the first place.

    He reminds me of "Mr. Bill".


  2. Mom and Kiddo says

    I love that Daddy had to do the rolling. That is my LEAST favorite part.

  3. definitely a favorite activity for us baking a ginger bread man, we use plain sugar cookie dough. ginger bread seems way too complex. the girls use it as a fashion design activity while decorating the little people in fancy candy garments.

    you got my votes. πŸ™‚

    good luck


  4. @ Mark — You're right. He is like a gory version of "Mr. Bill", isn't he? Ah well, he's not as bad as the one with his head bit off!

    @ Mom and Kiddo — I know what you mean. I don't have much patience with the rolling pin either!

    @ Tali — If we are lucky, Mark may help with a batch of sugar cookies sometime too… Yum! Thank you so much for voting for us! <3

  5. The Ties that Bind Us says

    just wanted to let you know i voted for you! i was nominated too! I'm so honored.

  6. Infant Bibliophile says

    Congratulations on the well deserved nominations.

  7. Congratulations on the nomination! I need to make some gingerbread men — perhaps both the real and felt kind. Did you stuff yours with anything?

  8. Lots of fun in your house!

    Congrats on the nominations! Well deserved.

  9. @ The Ties that Bind Us — Thanks so much for your vote! We are catching up… Yay!!

  10. That's a lot of activity! πŸ™‚ Sorry to hear about the casualty. I hope you put him outta his misery quickly.

    Cute felt gingerbread men.

    Congrats on the nomination. I'm on my way to vote.

  11. funny stuff says

    This is a great idea. I bet my little niece will enjoy making cookies with me.

  12. Congrats on the nomination. I voted πŸ™‚

  13. Congrats on the award nominations, hope you win! Also congrats on getting permission to sell those adorable houses in your etsy shop!

    Good to know I'm not the only one who has issues with their rolling pin =)

  14. I thought Mark may have had something to do with that poor crushed gingerbread man *ahem* I am thrilled to hear you are a homeschooling family we are too! What a nice idea to make felt gingerbread men, I love the things you make and do with your family Valerie, it is lovely getting to know you in these spaces!

  15. I'm hoppin' over from The Homeschool Post. Cute blog. Great idea with the felt and puffy paint. We may have to try that! Thanks!

  16. Val in the Rose Garden says

    If there can be a 'good use for puff paint' than this would be it. πŸ™‚ I love it! Looks like a Christmas gift. πŸ™‚