Halloween Pretend Play – Witch’s Workshop

This Witch’s Workshop is an easy way to foster lots of creative Halloween pretend play! You can use vinegar and baking soda to create potions, measure and weigh toy spiders, or read Halloween stories together for “research”. Here are a few ideas to create a spooktacular witch’s workshop of your own!

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Halloween Pretend Play - Witch's Workshop

To make a witch’s workshop of your own, you will need:

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Halloween Pretend Play - Witch's Workshop

To begin, set up the workbench or table with the various creepy Halloween decor items. Tip – If you do not have any “bones”, you can make your own with this tutorial using newspaper and paper napkins. And for spiders, use this tutorial so you can make your own using pipe cleaners and soda can tabs.

Next, place some baking soda in the bottom of a few test tubes, Petri dishes, and plastic cauldrons. As an optional step, you could add a few drops of food coloring to each of the containers.

After that, fill the plastic beakers with white vinegar.

Halloween Pretend Play - Witch's Workshop

Now the fun part! Invite your child to make “potions” by using the eyedroppers to place a few drops of vinegar into the baking soda/food coloring mixture. My kids loved watching how their potions bubbled and fizzed – like magic!

Have fun!!

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