Easy Spider Craft for Kids to Make

Here’s an easy spider craft for kids using chenille stems and soda tabs! These spiders are quick and fun to make. This spider craft would add a bit of creepy and spooktacular decor for any Halloween party. Or use them as a prop to act out the Itsy Bitsy Spider song. Since this spider craft for kids is so quick to make, why not craft up an entire spider army together?

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Easy Spider Craft for Kids

To make this spider craft, you will need:

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Before you begin, ask an adult to use wire cutters to cut each chenille stem in half.

Easy Spider Craft for Kids

Easy Spider Craft for Kids – Instructions:

Next, invite the kids to add a few chenille stems through one loop of the soda can tab.

Easy Spider Craft for Kids

Then, add a few more chenille stems to the other loop of the soda can tab.

After that, twist and form the chenille stems to form the spiders legs.

Easy Spider Craft for Kids

Lastly, wrap a chenille stem around the soda can tab to form the spider’s body. For a more creepy look, leave it as is. However, if you would like to add a bit of cuteness to your spider, add some googly eyes!

Here’s a quick video tutorial:

Clara, age 11, shows how to make this spooky spider craft!

Halloween Spider Decor Ideas:

  • Use string to hang several chenille stem spiders from the ceiling.
  • Scatter a bunch of chenille stem spiders on top of the table for a Halloween party.
  • Add a bobby pin to the chenille stem spider and create a spooktacular hair accessory.

Play Halloween Spider Games

  • Arrange a group of chenille spiders on the floor and roll a tennis ball towards them. See how many you can knockdown.
  • Add a craft stick to your chenille stem spider and make a spider shadow puppet. See how to make a shadow puppet theater here.
  • Use your chenille stem spider to act out all the steps to the Itsy Bitsy Spider song.
  • Place your chenille stem spider onto a piece of paper near a sunny window. Trace its shadow. Return a few hours later and trace its shadow again. Has the shadow changed?

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