Spider Web Place Cards

Have I mentioned how much I adore Halloween? Seriously, it is my most favorite holiday. I look forward to it more than the kids! While it’s not quite that time of year just yet, I am already eager to start decorating the house as if Halloween were right around the corner. That’s where this super-easy, fun, and quick project comes in…. spider web place cards!

I cut up pieces of cardstock, and cut small slits around the perimeter of each card. Emily drew a spider in the corner, and wrote each family member’s name on the front of the card.

Next, we taped the end of some black thread to the back of the card, and started wrapping the card with black thread to form the web! The slits keep the thread in place and make for some neat designs. Wrap the cards any way you like — Emily made each web unique and interesting!

For Halloween parties, have the kids make up their own place cards, or use them to make the dinner table a little more festive. They are fun (and frugal) to make!

Some of these spiders were a bit tidier with their web-weaving skills than others. I think it had something to do with some missing legs!

Have fun!!


  1. another adorable project!!!

  2. Dear Valerie,

    Hopefully this is not Emily in 20 years!


  3. Super cute! I like the Halloween colors for the place cards too!

  4. I love this idea! We’ll have to try it soon. Thanks for all of your creative and fun activities.

  5. What a great idea!

  6. Very cute! It seems Emily’s spiders lose legs with age? πŸ˜‰

  7. Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for. It just seems so fun and is all about home-made kids crafts. This one is great for practicing fine motor skills.

  8. @ Mark…HILARIOUS!
    Halloween is definitely my most favorite holiday! I get way too excited! Can’t wait to see more little fun projects you come up with! πŸ™‚

  9. I love Halloween too; it’s just so much fun.

    Very cute place cards.

    Mark is so funny.

    • Every time I read that payment by spider thing it cracks me up — I don’t know where he finds these things!

  10. Oh-so-fun!

  11. This is so cute! How are you getting them to stand up?

    • I just lay them on top of the plates, or if I feel particularly ambitious, I’ll punch a hole in one corner, thread some ribbon through and tie around a napkin. Have fun!!! xoxo

  12. Mark, hilarious.

    Valerie- love the craft. My kids did this a few years ago at a library spring celebration with paper plates and yarn. This version is much cute because it’s small. Why does being small make everything cuter?

    • I totally agree — being small DOES make everything cuter! LOL But the paper plate and yarn version is great for toddlers!

  13. Those came out so cute and scary!

  14. Mark, that was awesome. Valerie, you better watch out, Mark seems to be upstaging you here.

    I’m looking at these and thinking they would make great gift-tags for the Halloween craft I’m sending to school. Am I wrong? Of course not. So glad my son only has 12 in his class, though.

    • Dara, you are too funny!!! I’m telling you, Mark would make a much better stay-at-home mom than I do. It’s true!

      Gift tags would be awesome — great idea!

  15. How cute is this? What a great idea. I’ll save it for next year and I’m sure it’ll be a hit and brilliant for Boo’s fine motor skills.

  16. Great idea! I particularly like the patterns you could create. Now where will you store these until Halloween? πŸ˜‰

    • Store them until Halloween?? Are you kidding? We are soooo having these out on display now. (only because I just can’t wait til Halloween — LOL.)

  17. How fun. So creative and so Halloween. I love the blog theme makeover and that you can see all of your articles on the front page Looks great

    • Thanks, Tricia!! I’m so happy you like the new look — hopefully it makes finding projects a little easier. Have fun!! xoxo πŸ™‚

  18. Looks great! Must start on some fun Halloween crafts! What are the girls going to be this year?

  19. How CUTE! I love that Logan could do this too. I’m going to try it. (And I am so not crafty right now… but you should see my knitting. πŸ˜‰ )

    Love Val

  20. Love these silly ideas. Is there anything fun i can do with my 16 month old in terms of crafts. I haven’t had him color or do crafts yet, is he still too young? Let me know if you have any fun ideas.

  21. Love this! And easy to do even for my littlest one! Fits in great with our autumn theme too…


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