Fostering a Love of Poetry in Kids

Fostering a love of poetry in kids can have a lasting impact on their lives! Poetry can be a powerful tool for expressing deep emotions. Reading and writing poetry often requires an appreciation of language and symbolism that can be overlooked with other forms of literature. There are many benefits to fostering a love of poetry in kids that can lead to raising lifelong learners as well!

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Fostering a Love of Poetry in Kids

Here are some simple ways to foster a love of poetry in kids:

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Read Poems Together

Even older kids can benefit from listening to grown-ups read. Plus, reading together is a terrific way to bond with your child. Reading poems together only takes a few minutes of time, but it is time very well spent! Some of our favorite books include A Poem for Every Day of the Year (pictured above). We also love When Green Becomes Tomatoes and virtually anything by Shel Silverstein. To expose kids to various forms of literature, look for novels that are written in poetry form too – like Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate. You will want to revisit the same poems several times as your child may have different interpretations each time!

Be sure to visit your local library or an independent bookstore for the latest great finds in poetry.

Fostering a Love of Poetry in Kids

Play with Words

Magnetic poetry kits and haiku dice are fun ways to play with words, move them around, and create unique poems together. These kits can provide plenty of inspiration, or can be used to create games with family and friends too.

Encourage Plenty of Writing Practice

Create a special writing space by setting aside a small table with plenty of paper, pencils, and perhaps even a typewriter. Having a space designed specifically for writing will go a long way to encourage young kids to create poems and stories of their own. You could include envelopes, and invite your child to write letters to faraway friends or relatives. Not only will they have the opportunity to practice their writing skills, but they will also foster relationships with loved ones!

Fostering a Love of Poetry in Kids

Set Up a Pretend Poem Shop

One of my daughter’s favorite ways to practice writing is to pretend to sell her poems! Poems are written while you wait. Add some pretend money, and kids can practice early Math skills or counting out change too. See more ideas for Writing Centers here.

Submit Finished Poems for Publication

For your child to see his or her original work published in a magazine or book anthology can be one of the most rewarding ways to encourage writing. Magazines like Highlights for Children are a great place for kids to start submitting work for possible publication. See How to Get Your Kid’s Writings Published for more ideas.

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