Spider Art Project for Kids (EASY)

This spider art project for kids is quick and easy to do! Kids can enjoy the process of making a simple stamp for block printing, and later adding details to their designs. Great fine-motor practice for little ones!

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Spider Art Project for Kids

To make this spider art project, you will need:

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Step 1 – Make the Stamp

To begin, use scissors to remove the rim from a foam plate.

Spider Art Project for Kids

Next, use a dull pencil to engrave the spider web design onto the foam plate. For best results, be sure to use firm pressure.

Spider Art Project for Kids

Step 2 – Make the Print

To make the print, use a brayer to roll out an even, thin layer of white block-printing ink. Next, roll the brayer over the surface of the stamp. Be sure to cover the entire surface with ink. 

Flip your stamp onto the black cardstock paper. Apply firm pressure throughout the stamp, then carefully peel the stamp away to reveal your spider web print!

Spider Art Project for Kids

Add the finishing details of your spider web print with a fine point silver pen. This will create a great contrast against the black cardstock paper! Lastly, use a black marker to draw the spider inside the stamped web.

Have fun!

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