Tween Crafting with DohVinci Style

As a mom of 2 tween girls who love to do lots of crafts, I am always on the lookout for exciting new projects for us to try! Crafting together is a great way to foster self-expression, learn new skills, and try something new. The DohVinci craft line is perfect for older kids who want to experiment with 3-D designs that are colorful and unique. When I first learned about the DohVinci crafting medium and tools, I knew they would be an instant favorite in our home. I especially love that the modeling compound can be used on other surfaces such as cardboard, painted metals, or wood crafts to allow for lots of open-ended creative fun!

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Here are some tips for crafting with the DohVinci Styler:

  • Hold the Styler at a slight angle.
  • Be sure the Styler tip is touching the project surface.
  • Go slowly — for best results, move the Styler slowly!

Here is a short video of my daughter putting her own 3-D touches to the DohVinci Faux Flower Vase:

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I was amazed how long this DohVinci Faux Flower Vase project kept Clara actively engaged and focused on her work! She was quick to realize how easy it was to correct any mistake she made along the way just by wiping the modeling compound away while it was wet and trying again. Clara was able to change colors easily and the Deco Pop tubes are designed to not let any modeling compound go to waste.


We allowed her finished project to air-dry overnight and she could not wait to show off her beautiful and unique 3-D designs! She could design the vase over and over by wiping the compound away while it was wet or peeling it off after it had time to set.


Another great addition to our DohVinci crafts was the Spotlight Spin Studio which is kind of like a pottery wheel, a display case, and a storage solution all-in-one! My kids already have plans to use the Spotlight Spin Studio to create colorful ornaments from recycled cardboard. The Spotlight Spin Studio takes DohVinci crafts to a whole other level of awesomeness!

We also really enjoyed the DohVinci Ultimate Design Set — everything you need for an afternoon of creative and crafty fun!!

A few things for parents to note:

  • DohVinci modeling compound may stain some surfaces, so be sure to have your child check with you before crafting.
  • DohVinci modeling compound contains wheat, which may be a consideration for those who have wheat or gluten allergies or sensitivities.


For even more DohVinci crafting fun, check out these craft tutorials loaded with inspirational project ideas!

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