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Here’s a fun outdoor activity idea that would be great for a sunny afternoon with the kids! This sidewalk suitcase was a HUGE hit with my kids when I surprised them with it after school one afternoon. It is easy and quick to put together, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. I love how something so simple can make them so HAPPY!! The best part was watching them share it with our friends and neighbors. Yay for good old fashioned playtime fun!

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Here’s how you can put together this fun outdoor activity idea:

Fun Outdoor Activity Idea -- Sidewalk Suitcase

To make your Sidewalk Suitcase, you will need:

  • An Old Suitcase (a shoe box would do nicely for this too). We used cardboard suitcases for this, since they are inexpensive and can be decorated however you would like.
  • Your Favorite Snacks (wrapped in brown paper bags)
  • A Few Good Books (board books hold up nicely to being outdoors)
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Bubbles

Write “Sidewalk Suitcase” on a piece of paper and attach with a bit of masking tape to the inside lid of the suitcase.

Fill your sidewalk suitcase with the goodies listed above. Feel free to make your own version — perhaps adding a jump rope or jacks, if age appropriate.

Fun Outdoor Activity Idea -- Sidewalk Suitcase

Surprise your kids with the sidewalk suitcase and inspire plenty of imaginative outdoor fun! My kids loved drawing a cooktop on the sidewalk and cooking up stick stew for their stuffed animal friends. Hopscotch is always a hit! They also enjoyed blowing bubbles while wishing good things for other people. I love how this kept them happily entertained for the afternoon, and inspired lots of creative play!

Fun Outdoor Activity Idea -- Sidewalk Suitcase

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