Dollar Store Boredom Busters!

These boredom busters for kids are simple to set up and are perfect if you are looking for easy ways to keep the kids entertained while indoors. Since most of the materials can be found at a local dollar store, they are super affordable too! You may even be able to sneak in a little learning or fine motor practice while you’re at it.

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10 Dollar Store Boredom Busters

Here are 10 of our favorite dollar store boredom busters for kids:

10 Dollar Store Boredom Busters

1. Invitation to Sew and Stuff

Practice important fine motor skills with this simple invitation to sew and stuff using shelf liner, blunt tipped needles, and pom poms.

10 Dollar Store Boredom Busters

2. Hair Gel, Paint, and Zipper Bags

To a zippered bag, add some clear hair gel and a few drops of liquid watercolor paints. Seal the bag completely and reinforce the seal with packaging tape. Invite your child for some color mixing fun without the mess!

10 Dollar Store Boredom Busters

3. Cut Up Straws for Beading

Cut up plastic or paper straws, and invite your child to bead up bracelets or necklaces. This is great for introducing pattern skills too!

4. Sock Puppets!

A pair of plain white socks from the dollar store can easily be transformed into adorable sock puppets using markers, wiggle eyes, construction paper, and glue. Once you are finished crafting up your puppets, put on a show!

10 Dollar Store Boredom Busters

5. Ice Cube Count and Sort

Use colored ice cubes for sorting and counting using kitchen tongs.

10 Dollar Store Boredom Busters

6. Dino Ice Age Thaw

Freeze small toy dinosaurs in ice cube trays, and invite the kids to free them using salt water and eye droppers.

10 Dollar Store Boredom Busters

7. Make Pretend Cakes for Stuffed Animal Friends

Dollar store sponges can be cut up to look like pretend cakes. Decorate with fabric paint “icing” if desired. Invite your stuffed animal friends for some pretend yummy treats!

8. Paint Up Coffee Filters

Coffee filter can be painted with watercolor paints for a super simple boredom buster. Since they are made to withstand plenty of water, coffee filters are great for little ones to practice painting with watercolor paints! Once they are completely dry, they can be attached to a window with WASHABLE glue stick for creative (and colorful) displays. To remove, peel off as much as possible, then wipe any leftover bits of glue/coffee filters with a soapy sponge.

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10 Dollar Store Boredom Busters

9. Paper Clips and Washi Tape Bracelets

Show your child how to link paper clips to form longer chains to make bracelets and necklaces for stuffed animal friends. Wrap the clips in piece of washi tape, if desired.

10 Dollar Store Boredom Busters

10. Open a Pretend Flower Shop

Fake flowers from the dollar store are perfect for a pretend flower shop! Kids can arrange the flowers over and over again in plastic vases, practice counting money, and write up bills for pretend customers.

Other Dollar Store Boredom Busters to Try:

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  1. Very creative. Would like to use for a young Sunday school class. Thanks

  2. Wow! In this one post I have found more super ideas for my two grandsons than in searching through who knows how many sites! You definitely have a new follower! I am on a limited budget and I love the dollar store but never thought of these ideas. Thank you!