10 Cheap Busy Bag Ideas for Kids

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These busy bag ideas are a great way keep kids entertained, especially when you need a simple boredom buster with minimal set up required. Having busy bags pre-filled and ready to go is an easy way to organize materials for spontaneous play time fun whenever inspiration strikes!

Tip: For easy storage, use large pencil bags from the dollar store and keep them in a bin. Since the pencil bags come in several different colors, you could have them color coded by child or interest.

10 Cheap Busy Bag Ideas for Kids

You probably have many of the materials to make these busy bags already on-hand. Most of these materials can also easily be found at your local dollar store!

Here are a 10 creative and inexpensive busy bag ideas to get you started:

1. Toothpicks and marshmallows (or gum drops) to make edible sculptures.

2. Craft sticks and Velcro® to make a neat building toy. (Add a bit of Velcro to each end of some craft sticks for the kids to build with them.)

3. Window clings and page protectors for the kids to make their own play scenes.

4. Pipe cleaners and beads to make bracelets. No beads?? Cut up straws work well for this too.

5. String and colored cereal to make necklaces.

6. String and color-coding labels (or sticky notes) to make a festive garland.

7. Old magazines and googly eyes for some silly picture fun!

8. Felt shapes and cookie cutters for some pretend baking!

9. Yarn and sandpaper to make “mess free” drawings.

10. Clear contact paper and tissue paper to make sun catchers.

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