Fun Ways to Play Outside this Summer

Here are some of our favorite fun ways to play outside this Summer! A big thank you to Kmart for sponsoring today’s creative play ideas. Check out the Kmart HOT Deals Sales Page for many toys and play structures that are ideal for encouraging the kids to play outdoors!

Lately, the kids and I have been making an extra effort to get outside as much as possible. They love to run around and get plenty of exercise, and it is a great way for them to burn off some of that extra energy!

Fun Ways to Play Outside

Here are five of our favorite fun ways to play outside:

Fun Ways to Play Outside

1. Go on a Color Hunt

Discover details previously unnoticed with this easy outdoor color hunt activity using leftover paint chips and a hole punch. Go outside and try to match all the colors!

Fun Ways to Play Outside

2. Create a Summer Book Wagon

This Summer book wagon is such a simple way to encourage kids to actively read all season long! It can be completely customized to suit the interests and age of any child, and the wagon makes Summer story time a portable event that you can take with you virtually anywhere while enjoying a picnic snack. Great classic Summertime FUN!

Fun Ways to Play Outside

3. Tie Dye T-shirts

Bring the messy art projects outdoor this Summer with a class tie dyeing craft. My favorite aspect of this project is that each shirt is completely unique! Learn how to tie dye a shirt here.

Fun Ways to Play Outside

4. Find a New Playground to Explore

Ask local friends and neighbors about their favorite playgrounds to visit, then pack a picnic lunch and plan an afternoon to go exploring. One of our recent trips led us to this amazing castle playground in Doylestown, PA, and my kids have not stopped talking about it ever since!

Fun Ways to Play Outside

5. Make a Water Fight Kit

These water fight kits are a fun way to surprise family and friends with a little treat to gear up for the Summer months! I have included a free printable label for easy gift-giving too. My kids love dunking the sponge bombs into buckets of water to throw at each other, and the sponge bombs can be used over and over again with a minimal amount of water — perfect for those on water restrictions!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.