Inspiration All Around!

It’s been so much fun getting to know everyone and reading your stories on how & where your children are inspired to create.

tiny toy dump trucks

I’ve noticed a common trend in all of our children being inspired by the simplest of things, and nature in particular. It really is quite fascinating.

We had a lively discussion on our Facebook page:

– My son (age 5) loves making paper sculptures using paper, markers, scissors and scotch tape…his imagination just runs wild…I love it! ~ Carolyn

– My son tends to gravitate towards his Legos and animal toys. Lots of pretend play and story telling goes on with those items. ~ Trisha

– Reading books, pulling out the puppets in places they will find them, making forts, painting…. these are the kinds of things that get my boys in creative mode. ~ Mari

– My son’s imagination really runs wild during pretend play. We have many “props” and items within reach for him and he uses anything that he can find around the house as well. It’s amazing to see such creativity from a 2.5 year old! ~Gina

– Dirt, rocks, paint, water, markers, sticks, grass, chalk, fabric, yarn. Too many to name. My kids make lots of “experiments” with water and ______. (Fill in the blank!) ~ Jennifer

– The recycle bin, tape, scissors ~ Janine

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Many parents mentioned keeping a box or cabinet filled with random supplies and things we’ve collected along the way <- we do this too! And most of us wanted to make sure our children had their very own space to create ,and plenty of open ended supplies on hand.

Before I leave you this week, I wanted to share a few creative spaces and projects that will leave you inspired:

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