Around the Web: Birds

This week we shared a fun and creative way to make hanging shape bird feeders as well as the benefits of letting your child use real tools to build a bird feeder. But we don’t want to stop there! Here are even more inspiring links about birds. 

Around the Web: Birds

1. Go on a frugal field trip and enjoy some bird watching via Inner Child Fun

2. Create your own winter bird feeders via Fireflies and Mud Pies

3. Watch birds from your own backyard via Collecting the Moments One By One

4. Create these cute light bulb birds via Dilly-Dali Art

5. Have fun with this printable bird house play set via Inner Child Fun

6. Learn about bald eagles with a fun craft via Fireflies and Mud Pies

7. Create this adorable bird mobile via Collecting the Moments One By One

8. Craft up some fun with these bird crafts via Inner Child Fun

Have fun!

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