Our Favorite Picnic Games

Know what’s LOTS of fun?? Grabbing the kiddos, packing up some lunches (or better yet, breakfasts), and whisking them away for an impromptu picnic!!! Whether you go to a local park, or just enjoy the time in your own backyard, here are some of our favorite picnic games to make things even more fun!


1. Splatter-Painted Fireworks — Not a “game”, per se, but great active outdoor fun! Emily and Clara LOVE this!! We bring everything we need to make the sidewalk paint with us, the kids stir up their own paint, then get lots of great exercise making splatter-paintings!


2. Simple Bean Bag Toss Game — Bring along a few bean bags, draw targets using sidewalk chalk, and take turns to see who gets the highest score!


3. Flip Flop Fun — Another popular game around here, and it’s SO simple! Try flinging flip-flops or other loose fitting shoes into a target. Chalk targets or hula hoops work well for this!


4. Outdoor Color Match — This activity is quickly becoming a new favorite for us! Punch holes in the side of some leftover paint chips, and have the kids race to see who can match up the most colors in a set amount of time.


5. Mega Bubbles — While not a “game”, this is SO MUCH FUN!!!! We made Mega Bubbles several times last Summer, and the girl’s are already eager to do this again this year! So am I!! Added Bonus — All the materials can be found at your local hardware store, and are very inexpensive.

More ideas for inspired picnics (frugal style) coming up!

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  1. These look like loads of fun. Never thought about having a picnic for breakfast but with it being so hot down here it is a great idea this summer to get outside! Thanks for sharing and those mega bubbles look like something we will add to our outside time. 🙂

  2. I like the bean bag toss game. I am doing my daughter’s end of the year party in two weeks, and the teacher wanted some outdoor games. Thanks for this one! It is too hot for relay races.

  3. Oh these all look like so much fun! I’m trying to think of a fireworks idea for art…….

  4. I’m so glad you’ve tried the mega bubbles! I saw it in Family Fun mag, and we’re going to make the big bubble blowers, but I was wondering if my 3 year olds will be able to handle it–it seems awfully big. I think the bottom would be dragging on the ground if Bubby or Car tried to use it. Can Clara use yours? Do you think it could be scaled down and still work?

    • Clara used these last Summer, but a slightly smaller version. She needed a little help, but this year she will be turning 3 soon and I know she’ll be able to make these on her own. Hope this helps!! They are SOOO much FUN!!!

  5. picnics are my favorite…these are all great activities that we love!! your such a good mom!

  6. Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

  7. These ideas are great…I’ll be borrowing some of them, I’m sure! My daughters would love a picnic for breakfast 🙂

  8. Go beanbags and flip flops. I always enjoy your “ideas” posts.

  9. Love your ideas, especially the Mega Bubbles !