Valentine’s Past

Putting together this post was a fun trip down memory lane! Here are some of the Valentine’s Day activities we did last year… Enjoy!

Heart-shaped Felt Cookies — Almost good enough to eat!
Chocolate-covered Strawberries — These are definitely good to eat… yum!!
Volunteering at a local assisted living center — This was one of Emily’s favorite activities!
A not-so-sweet Valentine treat — A good alternative to candy for breakfast.
Heart-shaped Garland — Made from tissue paper. Looks almost like stained-glass!
Valentine’s Day Felt Mail Set — Emily still plays with this much-loved felt mail set… and now Clara does too!


  1. Elizabeth Frick says

    I just have to tell you that I am amazed DAILY by the adorable, wonderful, engaging, and super-fun activities you come up with to do with your sweet girls! I'm constantly debating whether or not we want to homeschool our daughter (and daughter-to-be) and you definitely give me hope that it can be done amazingly well!

  2. Oh my has it been year I've been reading your blog! I remember most of these post from the first time around. Been meaning to do a post like this myself, this just reminded me I have yet to do so.

  3. I love trips down blog memory lane. I remember most of these but not all. I think that mail set is super cute, and I love that Clara is getting in on it.

  4. An Almost Unschooling Mom says

    These are all still great ideas!

  5. Moderate Means says

    Oh my goodness – those felt crafts are so amazing! My daughter will love love love making those!

  6. Felt cookies & mail! How fun!

    Do you use wool felt…or will WalMart felt work?

    I've got a great pair of scissors (that can cut through most anything!).

  7. I'm going to check those out. Thanks.

  8. Petula @ It's a woman's world! says

    I love those felt cookies and mail. So very sweet. And the chocolate covered strawberries look divine.

    I don't know why I couldn't sign into my google account. Already having technical difficulties this morning. πŸ™‚

  9. Heather@ says

    These are great ideas- I especially love the little felt cookies!

    Please feel free to stop by the Talented Tuesday at My Frugal Family link party, and add your weekly craft links!

    It's found at

  10. I love all your ideas! So fun! πŸ™‚

  11. Such cute ideas!

  12. maryanne @ mama smiles says

    What a fun walk down memory lane =)

  13. Jessica Monte says

    Great ideas. I love the felt hearts, πŸ™‚ We made similar heart ornaments (as your tissue paper ones) to decorate our indoor plant for the month of February, which we're celebrating as one of sharing, love, and friendship.

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

  14. I love that felt mail set. My daughter is really into getting mail right now, so this would be fun for her!

    I loved seeing all your ideas!

  15. Littlemommy says

    I love the creativity!! I truly enjoy receiving your posts! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Just Breathe says

    Lots of wonderful ideas. I really like those cut out cookies.

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  18. Thanks for sharing all these lovely Valentine's activities! Your blog is such an inspiration. πŸ™‚ I've linked to this post here:

  19. Thanks so much for all of your ideas and inspiration. I made a envelope set for my daughter and blogged about it here:

    I also linked back to your site.
    Thanks again!

  20. urban craft says

    felt cookies, felt valentines, right up my alley! Love everything.

  21. LovingLegacy says

    oh the felt projects are amazing! i have just found a new blog to make me smile. πŸ™‚ nice to "meet" you!