Happy Father’s Day!

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I was a little late in posting about this Father’s Day craft because Mark sometimes reads this blog (or at least pretends to) and I did not want to spoil the surprise! Emily used this stamp set by Melissa and Doug, some construction paper, a little glue, and some shiny star stickers to make this cute card for Mark. We adore this stamp set and use it for many crafts, handwriting practice, and other reading/writing activities.

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On our last date night to Barnes & Nobles, Emily chose the book Perfect Waffles for Mark, which I found quite fitting since she clearly sees him as the “waffle parent”. At a very young age, Emily learned that I’m more of a “this-breakfast-better-take-30-seconds-or-less” parent. Making waffles has become part of their special weekend morning routine together, and they are looking forward to trying out the recipe for Banana Oatmeal Waffles. Hopefully, they will let me test a few to make sure they are really good.
Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. sunnymama says

    The Waffles but looks good and the card is really cute! I'm sure he was very pleased with those 🙂

  2. sunnymama says

    Also, I wanted to say I so love reading your blog and you have such fantastic ideas for frugal fun. Thanks for sharing them. I've added your button to my blog 🙂

  3. @ sunnymama — Thank you, that is so sweet! I think Mark was very surprised that Emily picked that book out for him. He got quite a chuckle out of it!

  4. What a great book choice and way cute card!

  5. What a great book. I love that she chose that for her dad.

  6. Dad here. Emily knows that I'm the only one who makes waffles in the house, and I'm sure she was hungry when she picked it out!


  7. MaryAnne says

    Cute card, and that book Emily picked out looks great!

  8. @ Mark — Hee hee! She is pretty clever, isn't she? 😉
    I'm just thankful she goes to your side of the bed if she wakes up in the middle of the night!!

  9. @ Ally, Ivy & MaryAnne — Emily was quite proud of her gift. Mark is taking the card with him to display at his office!