Gifts Kids Can Make For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is less than a week away!  This is such a busy time of year with the end of the school year and the beginning of summer that Father’s Day always seems to sneak up on me.  Did it sneak up on you too?  Do you still need a gift for that special papa in your family?  Not to worry, I’ve got a couple of simple projects that you and the kids can work on together in an afternoon and have something super special to give to Dad on Father’s Day. simple ideas for gifts from the heart | Inner Child GivingHere are two projects that even the tiniest of hands can help with.

First, make a mouse pad for dad.

Supplies needed:  clear contact paper, small piece of cardboard (recycled from a cereal box), your child’s artwork and scissors.  Note, the artwork and cardboard should be cut to the same size (mine was about 8″x10″, but you can cut yours to suit your needs).

Have your child paint or draw a picture for dad on cardstock.  Once the picture is completed it’s ready to be turned into a mouse pad in a few easy steps. how to make a mouse pad for Father's Day | Inner Child Giving    1) Cut a piece of contact paper that is an inch or more larger than your paintings and cardboard.  2) Peel off the paper backing off the contact paper and place the painting face down on the sticky side of the contact paper.  3) Layer your piece of cardboard on top 4) and then another painting face up on top of that.  Next, cut another piece of contact paper (larger than your paintings again), peel off the paper backing and carefully and slowly starting from one side and moving across the painting sandwich the paintings and cardboard between the two pieces of contact paper. Press firmly around the edges to ensure that the contact paper is sticking.  Trim your contact paper down to about a quarter of an inch on all sides leaving a small clear boarder. 

And now you have the perfect desk accessory to give Dad.  And, with two different paintings on each side, it’s reversible! Mouse pad for Dad! Father's Day gift ideas kids can make | Inner Child GivingNext up, stenciled cork coasters…

Supplies needed:  acrylic paints, brushes, stencils, tape (to hold stencils in place), cork coasters or cork (purchased from a craft supply store) cut into 4″x4″ squares. *Optional: washi tape and hot glue.

Tape stencils onto cork coasters.  This is helpful, especially for young children, to keep the stencils in place.  You may find that holding the stencil down for them while they are painting is helpful as well.  Let them dab, dab, dab… Painting coastersCarefully remove stencils and let the paint dry.  And, just like that, a set of easy to make, but very cool coasters to give to Dad. cute coasters to give as gifts | Inner Child GivingFor a little extra touch, add a small amount of hot glue along the coaster edges and affix washi tape along the sides… Coaster edges Tie the coaster up in a little bundle and Dad will love to use them for his ice water, not to mention your kids! Kid made coaster DIY | Inner Child GivingMaking gifts with your kids is always rewarding.  They put so much love, energy and excitement into each of their handmade gifts that the recipient is bound to love them! 

Need a few more make with your kids Father’s day ideas?  Why not try:

Picture frames

Secrect message Father’s Day banner

Make him some homemade BBQ sauce

Painted rock paper weights

An initial coffee mug or belt

A child drawn tee

Wallet sized picture frame

Father’s Day might be less than a week away, but that’s still plenty of time to make him something special to show him how much he is loved!

Enjoy and have fun!



  1. Great ideas! These would be good to remember for Christmas time, too.