What color was your day?

Do you ever enjoy a “date night” with one of your kids? You know, for some quality one-on-one time away from the rest of the family? Last night it was Emily’s one-on-one time with me and I took her to the toy store, the candy store (I let her choose five pieces of candy), and the book store. She has been asking me to take her to the book store for quite some time now. Honestly, she didn’t have to twist my arm! We were enjoying our time, me with my cup of tea (Mmmm…tea…), and Emily with her comic book. I was flipping through the pages of the current issue of Wondertime and found this fabulous idea of keeping a journal of the color of your day. When I mentioned it to Emily, she was very excited to get started.

We used small, un-lined, pocket-sized notebooks, and I like to keep a travel set of colored pencils with me for on-the-go inspiration. (More on that later..) We each keep our own notebooks and scribble along side each other at the end of the day. I try to write little notes in the margin of Emily’s, if she feels there are details she would like to tell me. The notebooks themselves are very inexpensive. I have seen un-lined pocket notebooks at the dollar store.
What I love about this is how it helps foster a discussion about emotions, and how art can be a powerful medium to express those emotions. Also, the ritual of doing something like this on a regular basis can be great for stress relief. 
Here are some more photos from our “date night”…

She slept well that night.


  1. What a sweet idea! I love one on one time with my girls.

  2. It sounds like a great date with one of your best girls. I have a hard time fitting things like that in with three, but it is nice to be reminded how special that time alone together can be.

  3. Jenny Henny says

    We do “date” nights at least once a month. I think it is important to have that one on one time. And I love the idea of what color was your day!

  4. Once a month sounds about right. I can usually sense when she needs some one-on-one time with either me or Mark. This was definitely one of those times. She was starting to get stir-crazy, and when we returned she was completely calm.

  5. I love the notebook idea.

  6. Thanks, jennwa!

  7. Have you read My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss? My kids love that book and it would be the perfect accompaniment to your color journal.

  8. We should begin date nights soon…Meghan is almost 2 1/2! Your pictures are fabulous!

  9. Oh how much do I love you!?! Your blog makes me so very happy. Thank you for sharing with the world your wonderful ideas.
    In PEACE,
    aka Montessori Mama