EASY Air Fryer Recipe – Strawberry Turnovers

This EASY air fryer recipe for strawberry turnover treats is simple and quick to make! If you recently purchased an air fryer, this would be a great starter recipe to try. Perhaps the kids could help put these strawberry turnovers together to give to friends or neighbors? Only a few ingredients are needed, and you may already have them in your freezer or pantry.

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EASY Air Fryer Recipe - Strawberry Turnover Treats

Step 1 – Gather Your Ingredients

Strawberry Turnover Treats - Ingredients Needed
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For this EASY air fryer strawberry turnover recipe, you will need:

Strawberry Turnover Treats

Step 2 – Lay out the puff pastry & cut into 4 squares.

Strawberry Turnover Treats

Step 3 – Place one large spoonful of strawberry filling on the corner of each square. You don’t need too much! A little goes a long way.

Strawberry Turnover Treats

Step 4 – Fold into a triangle shape & press edges together with a fork.

Strawberry Turnover Treats

Step 5 – Spray with cooking spray.

EASY Air Fryer Recipe - Strawberry Turnover Treats

Step 6 – Place in the air fryer and fry for 15 minutes at 350 degrees. Remove from the air fryer and allow the strawberry turnovers to cool. When the strawberry turnovers have cooled completely, add some icing.

EASY Air Fryer Recipe - Strawberry Turnover Treats

Step 7 – Serve and enjoy!

PS: Looking for a great air fryer? We have this one from Phillips, and it has held up to a ton of use so far. We use for sausages, pizza rolls, fries, chicken, perogies, veggies, and lots more. Highly recommend!

EASY Air Fryer Recipe - Strawberry Turnover Treats

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