Thanksgiving Charades Game for Kids (Printable)

Are you excited for Thanksgiving? The feast? The fun?? Here’s a simple game or icebreaker activity to play with family and friends for Thanksgiving! Just download the Thanksgiving Charades Game printable and play. This game is sure to lead to lots of good laughs! It is quick and easy to play too.

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To play Thanksgiving Charades, you will need:

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How to Play Thanksgiving Charades:

To play Thanksgiving Charades, download and print the template below. Use scissors to cut out the cards and place them face down in the center of a table. Players are divided into two teams. The youngest player goes first and picks the card from the top of the pile. Set a timer for one minute. The player acts out the saying on the card while the teammates try to guess before time runs out. If the team has a correct guess, they earn one point. When time is up, the second team has its turn. The team with the most points wins!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Get the Free Printable:

Download the printable below, print it out, and you’ll be ready to play!

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