I Spy Thanksgiving Counting Game for Kids

Here’s an I Spy Thanksgiving counting game for kids that is simple and fun to play! With the help of a printable template, you can easily download, print out the game, and give to the kids to practice their counting skills. This is a great icebreaker activity to try with the kids on Thanksgiving Day!

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How to Play the I Spy Thanksgiving Counting Game:

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To play the I Spy Thanksgiving Counting Game, you will need:

Once the game is printed out, each player will need a copy. Place the game boards face down on a table. At the designated start time, all players flip their pages over at the same time to reveal the game. Players quickly count up each of the objects listed at the top of the page. The first player to tally up the correct answers is the winner!

Get the Printable Template

Click the button below you download your printable I Spy Thanksgiving game template. Print it out and you are ready to play!

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