Dala Horse Ornaments with Printable Template

These Dala horse ornaments pay tribute to the traditional Swedish handicraft with one important difference. Rather than being carved from wood, these Dala horse ornaments are made from paper using a free printable template that I’m sharing with you (for personal use only, please)! You can print and decorate the horses however you would like. Scroll down to see how to make these festive ornaments.

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Dala Horse Ornaments with Printable Template

To make your Dala horse ornaments, you will need:

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Cut along the solid lines on the template. Fold carefully along the dotted lines to form the front and back of the Dala horse. Next, add some glue stick to attach the front and back together. Then, use scissors to carefully cut along the outline of the Dala horse.

After the ornament is cut out, use a gel pen to decorate and add details however you would like. Traditionally, a saddle with a petal pattern is very popular. You could add a bridle or reins too! Be sure to decorate both sides of your ornament.

Lastly, use a mini hole punch and thread through some string to hang your ornament for display!

Get the Printable Dala Horse Ornaments Template

Dala Horse Ornaments with Printable Template

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