Outdoor Color Match Activity

This outdoor color match activity is a great way to introduce kids to different color hues and values while learning more about nature! The set up is super quick and easy, so you can enjoy the outdoors at a moment’s notice. I love how this outdoor color match activity encourages kids to observe slight variations in colors found in nature that may otherwise go unnoticed. So much fun!

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Outdoor Color Match Activity

To Make Your Outdoor Color Match, You Will Need:

  • Paint Chips
  • Decorative Hole Punch
  • Hole Punch
  • Binder Ring
Outdoor Color Match Activity - Materials Needed


First, use the decorative hole punch along the edge of each paint chip. Next, use the hole punch to punch a hole into one corner of each paint chip. Place each of the paint chips into a binder ring.

Now comes the fun part! Go outside with your kids for a nature hike and try to match up all of the colors and values! Whenever you find a match, snap a photo. Later, when you return home or perhaps on a rainy day, you can use the photos you took to create a colorful scrapbook together!

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